Poster: JamesOfJames
Date Posted: 11 February 2011, 07:16am
Search Success
Hey everyone - I've been planning to investigate search rate for a long while, and for some time, I've had a working theory that (seems) to have been proven wrong recently.  I always assumed search success was based on the same mechanic as Scouting on the world map, but recently, I had a party that could accurately find monsters in every direction, but couldn't find a door I had previously discovered after 6 rounds of searching.  So, What do you all suppose affects your search ability in dungeons and town raids?

My guess is based on Mutant's description here of Divinity as being general luck and favor with the gods - thus, I suppose that Divinity is going to be one of the prime factors influencing search rate.  I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but I plan to in the next few days (once I wrap up my current artifact quest.)  
If Priests and Divinity are not the prime factor in searching for doors, my second guess would be Archers and perhaps their Agility.  As Archers seem to take the place more commonly filled in other games by Thieves and Rouges, I expect they would fit this archetypal gap by being the ones responsible for carrying out the searching usually done by Rogues in other games.

Unfortunately, I believe that direct experimentation (by entering an explored dungeon, noting my stats, and trying to find doors which I know are there) may take some time.  Thus, I thought I'd ask the rest of you fine folk to share your thoughts and experiences so hopefully we can get a better understanding of what we can do to improve our search successes.  Who knows - perhaps we'll finally be able to track down those damnably elusive mayors, hiding deep within their citadels' safe rooms!  Point being, if anyone's interested, I'd be willing to compensate good information, and by no means would you have to share specifics of your party's stats.  I'm just hoping to get a couple people willing to try different party configurations and seeing if we can figure out anything.
Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 12 February 2011, 00:59am
Re: Search Success
Dude, I think you mean 'rogues' - Mutant didn't mention implementing cathouses in release 1.0.

I have been wondering about the secondary properties of 'divinity'. I thought initially that it had something to do with hit rate and so my first batch of players have unusually high divinity and unusually low hit rate. I ended up scouring dungeons with parties consisting mainly of mages which is why I have so many. Even a low level mage can do a lot of harm.

Recently I took my over-holy first batch of characters dungeon crawling to level them up. It did seem that I had an unusually high rate of success in finding hidden doors. That's just anecdotal evidence, I have not tried a controlled experiment, and it may be another factor entirely, or nothing at all to do with my party stats - but the difference was striking. It could be that divinity is a party stat just like movement factor.

One thing Mutant did state explicitly was that divinity had nothing to do with the quality of items that monsters dropped.
Poster: SJD
Date Posted: 12 February 2011, 05:13am
Re: Search Success
You are both way off.
Poster: JamesOfJames
Date Posted: 21 February 2011, 02:58am
Re: Search Success
Well, I've developed no new theories on Search rates, but I'm leaning more heavily towards it being governed by Divinity.  (In part since all those searching type spells are typically in the Divination school of magic in most RPGs.)  However, I thought I would report that trap disarmament seems very much influenced by Agility or Archers.  I went from a party with 2 high level archers to a party with 4 mid-level archers, and I've successfully disarmed every trap I've attempted since the switch, while I was botching half or better before.  Interpret those results as you will - do you suppose that means traps test total Agility, or average?  It would seem average would be more fair, to allow for variance in party size, but *shrug*