Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 06 April 2011, 03:15am
Newbies: Basic Observations From A Newbie
This is basically some basic advice I've discovered/noted from scattered threads that might save some people some time jumping into the game the first time:

Before Leaving Town:
    [li] Gear Repaired? Check. [/li]
    [li] Hit Points healed? Check. [/li]
    [li] Ammo restocked? Check. [/li]
    [li] Quest accepted? Check. [/li] </ul>

    Making the Most of Turns:
      [li] Dungeons: Dungeons are far more effective at generating exp and wealth than wandering around the wilderness aimlessly fighting things I've found. To find a dungeon, look for a quest in a town that asks you to find some artifact with a lot of descriptions. Accept and you will be given the coordinates to the dungeon. [/li]
      [li] Portal: Portal (cast by priests) can save you a lot of turns when you're finished raiding your dungeon since it spares you a lot of walking through empty, already covered rooms. [/li]
      [li] Shopping: Got some spare cash? Check towns selling magical items for anything that adds turns. Make sure you don't forget to equip these items when the day rolls over. [/li]
      [li] Come Prepared: Before going into that dungeon, try to have enough ammo, a few spare weapons and maybe a suit of armor or two. Dungeons can be quite big and take a lot of durability off your gear. You'll waste a lot of turns (or die!) if you are suddenly found with broken weapons/armor or no ammo and have to withdraw to town to fix the problem. Indestructible items are important! [/li]
      [li] Vote!: Vote for the game for free turns! If you have time, vote on the links that don't add turns too! More people = more fun, better game! [/li] </ul>

        [li] Think Ahead: If you have spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, buy some spare jewels. It's pretty efficient money/experience if you've got a pocket full of jewels while you roll into a new town and can check off 2-3 quests immediately because you've already got the jewels. [/li]
        [li] In general, I find the best quests to be jewel, fetch quests in dungeons, and deliver message quests because you don't waste turns wandering the wilderness scouting for monsters or orbs. Of course dugneoning doubles as probably the best way to spend your turns gaining exp/gold. [/li] </ul>

          [li] Indestructible!: Indestructible is valuable and you should check for a decent weapon or suit of armor of the style you like everytime you come to town. [/li]
          [li] +Turns: Much like indestructible, adding to turns is valuable so checking for gear that does that is important too. [/li]
          [li] Heals: Healing saves money over time, but to be honest I wouldn't buy an item that only heals unless it healed a ridiculously large number. The healing items I do have I found dungeoning which seems an ok way of getting them. [/li] </ul>

          Take notes! See a useful tip on the forums? Copy/paste it to a file. Note the coordinates of settlements, dungeons, orbs you stumble on. Note the gear you're characters currently wear. Note jewel quests to the towns they're in. Note useful things. This saves you a lot of time/turns!

          I don't understand a lot of the game still as I am new myself, but a lot of this isn't exactly apparent if you're just starting out. I'm sure more experienced players will have other tips to add.
          Poster: Mutant
          Date Posted: 06 April 2011, 22:18pm
          Re: Newbies: Basic Observations From A Newbie
          Some good info in there.... I'll probably add some of these to the "Tips". Thanks!