Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 11 May 2011, 19:03pm
You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
[center]I, Octav the First, King of Palladium Corporation, Fearless prince of elfmen, Bearer of the Almighty bow of Awsome, and cooker of delicious pies, salute my fellow kinsmen of the land.

I know you're wandering aimlessly among the beasts of the land thriving to find some gold coin under their hairy feet, So I provide you with a Kingdom like no other: [glow=red,2,300]Palladium Corporation.[/glow]

The kingdom, of [s]exploitation[/s] gold and [s]slavery[/s] pleasant work. The kingdom which Motto is written in diamond letters in the front of each townhall: You want money? Buy it! [s]beggar[/s]

You may eventually ask yourself why you're not already part of the shiny Palladium Corporation. I , King of the blahblahblah, have a few hint about it, I'd like to share with you:

-You better have your town give 10% of its income to a stupid ruler, while the Corporation ask only for the cheap price, of not 5%, not 4% but only 1% of income.
-You better pay item in shop 20% higher, while in the Corporation all shop are taxed 0%, offering you with the best price available in the ALL WORLD [s]bitches[/s]. That simple, if you find an item cheaper in a shop not in the Corporation, I, personally, will pay for the discrepancy from my own [s]bottomless[/s] tiny coffer.

What else, have I to say? That , the Corporation, being in the North-East part of the land, is just in a perfect spot for  business with the [s]North-West[/s] all WORLD?
That every people in the Palladium Corporation are born [s]naked[/s] beautiful and with a [s]golden[/s] nice spoon in the mouth?
That even our monsters are wealthier than every where else!

You wont regret it, join the Corporation!
Forget the endless fights , make money, NOW!

Poster: Blackjack
Date Posted: 11 May 2011, 20:37pm
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
Dear Octav the [s]Last[/s] First,

My name is Blackjack the Fearless, general of the world's biggest army.
I would ask you to increase the income tax. Do you want me to open empty chests after raiding your towns?

I'll fight my way through other kingdoms until I get the pleasure to destroy yours.
My flag will wave over your town and your motto will be changed into: "You want money? Raid the Corporation".

I fight and make money. Isn't it much better than being a slave of the Corporation?
Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 11 May 2011, 22:39pm
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
Dearest Octav the bust and Blockhead the gormless, ye had best have much gold to hand as my righteous reward for deigning to smite ye, for truly, smitten ye shall be - as smitten as schoolgirles with a crushe on the vile and loathsome bard, Iustinius Bieberus whose noisome and most hideous warblings are curdling milk and turning cheese rancid across my fair empire.

Bring me the head of this howling cockroache on a pike, silencing forever the curse of his quavering ululations, and all will be forgiven.
Poster: Triumph
Date Posted: 12 May 2011, 21:39pm
Re: Kingdom of Crypt Citadel

The Kingdom of Crypt Citadel is hereby proclaimed.  Overlord is an experienced party and loyal vassal to JamesofJames/Acquisitions, Inc..  Join an established and experienced kingdom and be part of the most powerful union in the game.  (Should JamesofJames not actively resume, we will find greatness together.)

I am seeking to grant Duchies and Baronies.  My rule we be fair and just - low taxes and much help and support.

--  Arano
Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 13 May 2011, 05:40am
Octav answer some legitimate questions
[center]Sir Blackjack the Fearless, I , Octav 1st King of the Corporation, dismaler of Evil, blessed from the Gods and praised carpenter in the small town on the barren, should relentlessly salute you!

You, dear Future [s]enemy[/s] consumer ask for an increase in the Corporation taxes. I would like to please your legitimate claim, BUT, as a profit making company, the Corporation, just CANT afford to tax any of its citizen [s]except for the peons, but those are here to be exploited to death[/s] that would be against all marketing laws in vigor in OUR empire. The cool consequence of this liberal politics being that when raiding OUR town you'll just win [s]debts[/s] a powerful enemy.

[center]Sir Axel-K, I Bieberus you from all my heart
Iustinus Bieberus being my fellow jester and amazing the WORLD with its [s]musical[/s] money-making prowess, I declare an eternal oath on you for not loving any of its song, and not buying all its own-face-painted short sleeve armor, which I actually wearing one despite its poor defense rating [s]and ugliness[/s]. I'll shall tell you dear Axel, Repent, repent now and Bieberus yourself!

[center]Fellow King Arano, I , Octav Ist , King of the Almighty Corporation, and skilled crafter of sling-peebles, Great your accomplishment of founding the Crypt Citadel
I see, with pride, a second (historically) empire raising to claim the country. But I pity the fool having to follow you in your death and darky path, while they could make ton of gold by following my brightly path of delightfulness, love, peace,  and maw mawney in ze pocket way of thinking.
Poster: Triumph
Date Posted: 13 May 2011, 21:58pm
Re: Crypt Citadel
Thank you Octav for your kind salutation.  I greet you as an equal; vested of similar providence to benefit the inhabitants of this fine land.

But, nay, Power, a large part of which is Gold, shall best flow to the adherents of Crypt Citadel.  All new parties the join the kingdom of Crypt Citadel shall be granted a quest that will bestow 50,000 gold!  More, if they have towns that are being brought over.

TO ALL PARTIES, new and established, join us, partake in our wealth, power and solidarity. 
Poster: Zed
Date Posted: 14 May 2011, 10:29am
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
Aye, me and mine own dwarven folk will join that Citadel of yours, if the gold is good and if you vouch that wives of these corporate lords be made widows. Any grand act of destruction brought upon the Corporation will suffice to ensure we are on common ground.

Do not expect any curtsies from us though ; dwarven legs are too stiff to kneel properly, and the realms of man are nought to us. We talk alliance, not dominion. Meet these demands and you will find that our likes make the best friends, and the worst foes.

May your life be filled with joy and plunder,

Urist son of Urist, of the ancient and most noble House Agemnon.
Poster: Triumph
Date Posted: 14 May 2011, 16:42pm
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
Greetings Urist,

I expect no man (or dwarf) to bow; come as an equal.  I ask that you find no ill cause against our Elven brothers, Rectie.  Join so I can grant you the promised 50,000 gold quest.
Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 18 October 2011, 23:58pm
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
Alas, King Octav. Abandoned to your fate. Har Har Hraarrggh! ;D
Poster: betty
Date Posted: 21 January 2012, 17:03pm
Re: You need a Kingdom? Choose a Corporation instead , Palladium Corporation! [RP]
I need a kingdom! :D