Poster: Thigr
Date Posted: 12 May 2011, 15:35pm
Change in dungeon ?
Currently, I am exploring a lvl 2 Dungeon with a lvl 12 party and I was attacked by some of the most powerfull creatures I ever encounter : Demon Lords.
Since I never encountered them in any dungeon (even lvl 3 dungeon), I was wondering if something was changed recently. I never had any difficulty on lvl 2 Dungeon before.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 12 May 2011, 20:03pm
Re: Change in dungeon ?
Sounds like a bug... I'll look into it.
Poster: deityrox
Date Posted: 09 January 2012, 22:25pm
Re: Change in dungeon ?
I dont like to breed topics, therefore ...
I noticed that sometimes the chests of the  treasure rooms are lost (all the chests of a single room). There was a time or two. I hope this is a hidden feature, and another room after that would then be filled with chests.
Also, I have met dungeons with no treasure rooms on one some floor (even though on the upper floor they may be), or none at all. I guess there may be hidden door, but at some of the dozens of outdoor rooms? Is this a bug?
P.S. also found the room with the "bosses", the characters, but without chests and good loot.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 10 January 2012, 20:58pm
Re: Change in dungeon ?
That all sounds about right - the treasure rooms / bosses are random and move around. Some dungeons don't have treasure rooms, some don't have bosses, and some have multiple of each.