Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 12 June 2011, 14:48pm
comment on 12/06/11 release
Great release as usual.

I have a few though/concern about some stuff:

Critical hit: Awsome, at least defense factor is not THE way to do anything: keeping a town forever with high defense mayor, Getting easy gold and xp by standing in a dungeon for days, having garrison stand forever without any priest in it, crushing far above opponents with no risk.
I still wish agility bonus to defense to be linked to encumbrance. Like a 3/6 movement factor should also give a 3/6 (50%) agility bonus on defense. This way, the more a garrison (or camping parties in dungeon) drop stuff, the more they are vulnerable. It also give more interest in raising Strength.

Potion: So far I just found a characteristic potion! OMG ! Raising characteristic seems a bit overpowered! Even with a low drop rate it favors camping over any other activities. But may be it's a temporary boost, I dont know so far.

Trading hall: I'm afraid it end up being a way to keep items for future character, without having penalty encumbrance by carrying it. Keeping the weight of traded item on the character could avoid that , or putting a limit to how much you could sold item (but it sort of kill the purpose of trading hall)

Change of mayor is cool. Still wait for change in King, but it should be something more complicated to do, I have to admit.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 12 June 2011, 20:54pm
Re: comment on 12/06/11 release
Glad you like the release :)

I'll have to think about the encumbrance penalty on agility... seems like a good idea, but it might introduce other problems.

We'll see how the stat potions go. If they're too powerful, they can easily be nerfed.

Trading hall... yes, you can use it to store equipment... that will probably change in future releases though (there are already other ways of storing equipment anyway).