Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 11 October 2011, 12:15pm
hi there :)

i am stuck with my group in a dungeon (57,66)
when the day changes the way i came in is now blocked by a wall,and the only choice to get out is a door which i cant open in any manner.
can someone overlook this please?
thanks in advance
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 11 October 2011, 16:52pm
Re: Stuck
thanks mutant to help me :)

as a new player i would give you my reply of the game.

this game is really really good to play,i searched for such kind of game very long,but...

some things should be tweaked. is nonsense that over a days change walls appears from nowhere to get peeps stuck in a dungeon.
2.for groups not having a spellcaster or an archer(thief),there should be a possibility to crush every door
  down,probably for a penalty of hps for the warrior who does it or a curse(weaken) for 20 turns or so.
3.the turns i get every hour are much to less to have a good keep peeps on this game u should    give out much more moves per hour.
4.when a group relies on constitution its easier to move through the world...thats good... but therefore u should give a 5:1 ratio on moves for a dungeon, to keep things going and make it more fun for the players to explore.on the other hand u could raise the amount of xp to raise a lvl by 100%.remember...people want to play u fine game,they become quick annoyed to wait for turns too long.
5. now here are only few groups playing by now,if more people playing here u could get a problem with items,cause its hard to find good items for my chars if they have the money to buy them.
6. i dunno yet if there is a chance to "make" items by a group itself in a town,but this would be fun also.

this are only a few thougths from a new player who plays rpg for ages ;)

btw:i would love to do a group with unlimited turns for testing :D
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 11 October 2011, 21:17pm
Re: Stuck
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like the game :)

In answer to your questions:

1. Yes, that's probably a bug. It'll be fixed in the next release.
2. Yes, that seems fair enough
3 & 4. I'll be reviewing the amount of turns (again) soon. You get nearly 300 turns a day right now. If you're playing constantly, that doesn't seem like a lot, but if you spend a couple of hours each day playing, it's more than enough. There are also a lot of ways to conserve your turns, and get more turns.
5. There'll always be enough equipment to go around :) Part of the game is finding good equipment for your party
6. It's not possible yet, but may be added some day.
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 11 October 2011, 23:00pm
Re: Stuck
thanks for quick answer mutant :)

too bad we cant have more turns,but i use up my turns real quick,and just the fun begins in play u great game it stops due the lack of turns :(

another point is for example,when u cross a forest u use 1 turn if u group is real quick,and when u encounter an enemy group u use 2-5 turns to bring them down,depending on the power of the chars.
its kind of weird "crossing" 2-5 times a whole forest takes the same time to fight a group of enemies *smirk*
it would be fine that fighting an enemy does not cost turns at all.
the same thing is with dungeons...
to move over 3 sqaures takes 2 turns which is too much in my opinion.dungeons should be explored more quickly,its boring to stand in a dungeon without proper turns and to wait days till its finished.

to make the game payable for u work, u could put on a premium button which would put this "advantages" into it.

and i would love it also to start with 8 chars rather than buy some "not so good" ones in the towns.

to make things much more funnier,u could put random "magic" items into enemy groups which we can fight in the wilderness,and just in big groups for example.

btw u do a great job here,i hope the game will be the best in the net :)
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 12 October 2011, 02:14am
Re: Stuck
It's something that I'm always tweaking... the number of turns has been changed many times over the games life (usually upwards). I certainly don't want people to give up just when they're getting into it, but also, the number of turns needs to be balanced somehow (as it is a resource in the game).
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 14:23pm
Re: Stuck
is it possible that u can tweak the turns used in a dungeon?
A ratio of 3 squares = 1 move at least would be fine :)  to keep playing going
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 15:11pm
Re: Stuck
hmm another thing i think of...
hows about to let a timer run when someone activate his account,and automatic cut it when the time is off instead of giving turns to an account?
i play other rpgs which are not turn based and i can still understand players which dont play this fine game,because they must wait for turns the next day.
to make choices even,everybody should have a timer lets say 4 hours a day,and when this is used up,he/she must wait till the next day.(timer should stop and restart for the rest of daytime if a players loggs off and on again)
as i said i played rpgs for ages(no wonder my age is 50 in rl),and always turn based games have probs to get players to play it(thats why World of Warcraft has millions,u can play it the whole day long).
and with no players to play a game u cant make a profit for running servers,u work here and so on.
people wanna stick to a game they love for hours,and a turn based one is not the best choice for this.
i am very much interested to see this game getting the best one...i searched for such a game a loooong time :)
just a thougth from an old fart like me( i know my english isnt the best....cause i am german :D )
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 19:37pm
Re: Stuck
I'll have to think about that... the trouble is, turns are quite integral to the game... they act as a resource to limit actions in certain ways. It would be quite a big change to remove them.

I do understand your concerns though... and I agree, there are probably people who stop playing once they run out of turns. But it's something that's not necessarily easy to fix.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 21:46pm
Re: Stuck
Ok, I've increased turns per hour to 25 (which means 600 turns a day). The maximum turns is 750, although a few things can take you over that amount (e.g. voting). New parties now start with 750 turns.

We're discussing a few other options as well, but removing turns completely would also remove some key features of the game. e.g. if you could move without restriction, different terrain types (hills, mountains, etc.) would be (almost) meaningless. Also, the encumbrance system would count for nothing. And there are a few other things. There may be solutions to this, but will try the settings above, and see how that goes. 600 turns a day is probably enough for most people, especially if you use them wisely.
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 22:39pm
Re: Stuck
ahh yes i see u point...
i dont wanna offend u with my posts,just to find and help u to let u see how "new" and experienced rpg player think of.
u game is real great and to come to a point where u can make at least the money u use now is a long way i think,and i am willing to help :)
u did a good job start new groups with 750 moves,it makes things more interesting for newbies :)
also i would say to change the moves in dungeons to 3 squares is 1 turn,so newbies get more fun exploring the sewers and get their group running.
also for a later stage perhaps u could set a turn storage,so when players are on vacation they could accumulate turns and not falling behind others to strong.
another point is....when i see the map i see some strong players(about 5) having territories.imagine when u fine game has 50-100 players active....i think the map should be at least double up in size,otherwise some kind of chaos would occur.
another thingie ;) is the balance...i would say make it harder to lvl,so peeps stay longer at this game to reach lvl 20.
more monster groups with fewer gold and fewer xp would be also good to keep "bashers" on-line
i personally like mixed groups to fight rather than building up a kingdom.
that is one of the strongest point here in the game...u can play a group to get them best of all,and on the other hand u can have a kingdom...also u can have both...i love that!! :D
keep up the good work
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 13 October 2011, 22:46pm
Re: Stuck
No offence taken.... I'm glad you're taking the time to comment on it :)

The size of the world can be increased fairly easily. If things start getting too cramped, we'll just made some more land :)

Your other suggestions are all good... balance is something that I'm playing with constantly, so I'm sure I'll try some of the things you suggest.