Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 14 October 2011, 23:23pm
little bug
hi :)

i found a little bug in the dungeons.
can u make the overall map icon moveable?
cause when i walk north and the map button is in the way,i cant see if there is another door in that square

another weird thing is,when i walk 1 square in the dungeon than 2 turns decreasing,that is a bit hard,i can move with my group in the wilderness much cheaper ;)
probaly 2 sqauares equal 1 turn would be nice :)
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 15 October 2011, 05:28am
Re: little bug
Thanks, yes I know about the dungeon interface issues, due to some recent layout tweaks. I'm hoping to fix that soon!
Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 16 October 2011, 15:09pm
Re: little bug
You can increase turns by finding magic items that give you extra turns. If they are useless for combat, then equip them only in the safety of a town. Once the day changes, and you get the extra turns, you can remove the magic item again. Also, you can increase the 'constitution' stat. This will increase your 'movement factor' which allows you to cross difficult terrain in fewer moves (and give you larger increases in your HP as you level up). Movement factor as a party attribute is calculated from the individual characters movement factors. You can juggle equipment between characters (giving the stronger characters the greater load) and equip magical items that increase strength and constitution.

Also, you can vote in various game portals and receive extra turns as a reward. See 'Get more turns free' in top right corner.