Poster: EvilC0P
Date Posted: 21 June 2016, 01:43am
Garrison combat log issue
At any time of the day ( i live on the east coast ), i tried in the morning at work, on lunch time, afternoon, evening and even near midnight... and every time i try to look at the combat log i get this error message : Sorry, an error occurred

I just can't see any combat logs in the garrison menu.

Is it a known issue?
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 08 July 2016, 07:57am
Re: Garrison combat log issue
Will have a look when I get a chance... thanks.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 11 July 2016, 01:06am
Re: Garrison combat log issue
I can't seem to duplicate this.... combat logs for garrisons seem to be working for me. Can you please try again and let me know if it's a problem?