Poster: Etar Udos
Date Posted: 27 October 2011, 16:01pm
Edosul Nilun
The dwarven kingdom of Edosul Nilun has been formed in the far Southeast, on the holy 1111th day of the Dwarven calendar.

All races are welcome to join our family. Our monarch, Urist Ekurul, is committed to developing the southeastern region into a premier tourist location. As such, we'll be developing the prosperity of our towns to better support adventurers by offering cheap healing. The entry fees in our cities are currently 10 gold plus 25 gold per party level above 1. In the coming days, this fee may be further reduced to promote tourism.

Attractions include:
Level 1 dungeon at 78, 73, between the towns of Rothaven and Druidrite
Level 1 dungeon at 100, 76, near the towns of Waggonslade and Ashford
Level 2 dungeon at 99, 69, near the town of Ashford
Level 2 dungeon at 100, 90, near Deathable and Justinn
Level 3 dungeon at 70, 89, a short ways from Downstad

More will be added as they are discovered. All taverns also come equipped with barrels of fine dwarven ale.

Come one, come all. Folk from all kingdoms and backgrounds are welcome to visit. You haven't lived until you've tasted fine Dwarven cuisine or had a pint of our ale.
Poster: Etar Udos
Date Posted: 28 October 2011, 04:53am
Re: Edosul Nilun
In order to further encourage tourism, all towns controlled by Etar Udos have had their entry fees cut down to a mere 10g per party level. Now tourists can travel the kingdom on a budget.