Poster: Etar Udos
Date Posted: 30 October 2011, 18:49pm
Rebalanced stat system?
Was just thinking lately about the stat system in the game, and the issue with archers being very powerful due to how it works. I think it would be interesting if all the stats were at least somewhat useful for all chars. Anyway, heres a general idea for how stats could work:

    [li] Strength: Damage boost for all weapons (including ranged), attack bonus for melee weapons, 10 carry capacity per point.


    [li] Dexterity: Defense boost, attack boost for ranged weapons, 1/10th of a movement factor per point.


    [li] Constitution: HP boost as now, 1/5 of a movement factor per point, 10 carry capacity per point


    [li] Intelligence: XP bonus to make leveling faster (this would also help the squishy mages who die a lot), bonus for mages as it is now, and 1 attack and defense every 10 points (to represent better strategy in battle).


    [li] Divinity: Bonus for priests as it is now, boosted critical hit rate for weapon attacks, and a chance to resist harmful spells (maybe reduce the damage a bit or cut the duration a round or two, depending on how high the stat is).

    [/li] </ul>

    Additionally, heavy equipment weight could reduce combat effectiveness (stuff you carry wouldn't count, as its presumed you can drop that as the battle starts - ammo might be an exception if you're using a ranged weapon, possibly add an "ammunition" slot in the equipped items?). A 20% load would be no penalty, with every % over that applying 1/2 a % penalty to attack and defense. Carrying 50% of max would drop attack and defense by 15%, while being fully burdened would drop attack and defense by 40%. Strong warriors would be able to use full plate without a problem, but archers would be better off in lighter armors.

    Poster: squeakyreaper
    Date Posted: 30 October 2011, 19:29pm
    Re: Rebalanced stat system?
    Dunno about the rest, but Divinity helping resist magic and Intelligence giving an XP boost would be most appreciated. Gives Warriors some reason to take them, other than the meager crit bonus.
    Poster: Mutant
    Date Posted: 30 October 2011, 20:00pm
    Re: Rebalanced stat system?
    There will probably be some stats tie-ins to the skill system, which should be released sometime before the end of the year (I hope).