Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 01 November 2011, 15:50pm
i just wonder...

run nearly all the towns on the map and didnt find any blacksmith which is above average/decent.
is this new?
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 01 November 2011, 20:03pm
Re: Blacksmiths
Nope, it hasn't changed :)
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 01 November 2011, 21:30pm
Re: Blacksmiths
its weird that no blacksmith is above it,btw how long to wait(in real days)if i have a chance to catch a good blacksmith?
Poster: gannman
Date Posted: 30 March 2012, 16:25pm
Re: Blacksmiths
As of today 12:15EDT, the Town of Guardiandell (2,30) has an "amazing" blacksmith.
Poster: Zangi
Date Posted: 01 April 2012, 01:04am
Re: Blacksmiths
[s]Gorecity, give us your business.[/s]
EDIT: Apparently he croaked and was replaced within the last few days...
Go to Slavewic instead.  The guy is excellent.