Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 06 November 2011, 10:27am
unbeatable mayors
is this right that u cant raid all towns due to some unbeatable mayors?i got one i cant beat,due he ALWAYS flees when he have low health,and when i encounter him again hes at full health and to hit him is the hardest mob i have seen in this game...
Poster: Aesir
Date Posted: 06 November 2011, 13:28pm
Re: unbeatable mayors
I have no problem raiding any towns and I'm only level 12. I nuke everything with my level 18 mages, since spells don't miss.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 06 November 2011, 19:39pm
Re: unbeatable mayors
Yeah, the problem is more about mayors being too easy to beat.... I can see a situation which might allow mayors to flee too easily though, I'll look into it.
Poster: SJD
Date Posted: 06 November 2011, 19:53pm
Re: unbeatable mayors
It has been a long time since I had a mayor, but are you currently able to assemble a body guard for mayors from your own troops? That would certainly bolster them ...
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 06 November 2011, 20:10pm
Re: unbeatable mayors
Yes, you can garrison up to 8 chars with the mayor. The problem is, an offline group is easy to beat by an online party. It also takes a long time to level up guys to leave in town, whereas it only takes a good party to take them out, so someone can easily wipe out your town even if you've been playing the game a lot longer. On top of that, Flame starts to become too powerful.

This is just a play balance issue that needs to be addressed. I'm working on this for the next release (hoping to get it out by the end of the month). There'll be a few things to address these problems.