Poster: Karrade
Date Posted: 01 December 2011, 23:12pm
Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
The purpose of this thread is to work out the most effective starting parties, and offer some initial strategies for new players to follow. Hopefully people will contribute what those precious few starting slots should be filled with, in their opinion, so new players have the easiest time possible. They make up the lifeblood of the game as it develops, so helping them out with basic advice helps you out. Some of the terms here might sound a bit technical if you are brand new, but you should get your head around them in a few days.

Okay I've been running three accounts to test initial party set ups, now to level 7,6,4 respectively. All in different, isolated, but comparable areas of the map. Purely to test what works best, and where it works best.

My experience initially led me to believe archers were the be all and end all of starting parties, two attacks a round, high defense etc. Now though I've been testing a party of purely two handed warriors with one priest, these guys level -fast- and don't cost me ammo, as a new player this is a consideration.

Pros of this approach are: high health points while maintaining decent damage, good founding characters for garrisons, and I would wager performing okay offline. Two handed warriors have reasonable health, reasonable armor and a good attack, there is not much else you could want from unmanned units. You can put new additions to your armies on the rows behind the front, and with a halberd, not suffer any loss to attack while shielding them with stronger nits.

Cons of this approach are: It is tough to find a lot of one weapon type. It is more expensive than other starting strategies in initial outlay. Finding halberds for instance takes a few days, finding enchanted two handed equipment, for many party members at once, takes forever.

An Archer heavy party on the other hand, just blitz through all early mobs, but they eat up those precious starting funds in ammo. You'll soon start finding out tips on how to maximize your income per day, not only that but maximize how many turns you have to work with, and how to make the most of them, all this will make more than about 3-4 archers more viable.

Some early, basic but solid tips are:

1, To find a high prosperity city that will allow you to get hold of some decent armor, splint, scale etc, medium shields and better helms.

2, Dual wield shields on your mages, and set them to defensive when not casting (the shield icon on the right in combat). Some people do this for priests too but I've found that overkill in the early game.

3, Find several interconnected cities for quests crossing over (two orb missions or a kill mission) doubling up from two cities, this obviously makes these missions twice as useful. You might be killing NPC's in the zone you're hunting for orbs in as an example.

3, Some people say don't travel too much, ignore them. The only way you'll get any half decent enchanted gear early is to travel to cities, especially those that are not visited as often. I've racked up +40 turn gear already for one party that is about 3 days old. Every single day I get 40 more turns than the people that didn't bother, this will add up.

4, Indestructable gear helps to of course, if you've nothing else for instance, get an indestructible short sword for now, its not terrible, and enchant it up a few times. Enchanting indestructable gear at any smith, means you won't harm the weapon, because it won't lose any durability. Of course poor smiths give you poor results just the same.

5, At about level 5, (give or take depending on your equipment/party) Dungeons are for faster levelling, definitely make use of them, not the best for income or finding better gear imho, but the best for levelling.

There are some basic tips to get you started, not meant to teach you the game, just give you a push, I hope my experiences help. By all means post your own early game tips, or any suggestions or feedback you have. Let's try and keep this thread basic and straight forward though.
Poster: betty
Date Posted: 16 January 2012, 15:29pm
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
Thanks for the tips, ;)
Poster: zzzker
Date Posted: 26 January 2012, 02:42am
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
So im new to the game, any tips on what weapons are good? is the halberd the best attacking weapon?
and any tips on how to make the most out of the daily turns? my party is level 5 atm but i dont seem to be able to do much per day.
Apart from the 3 links up the top right for voting, is there any other ways to earn more turns?

any tips appreciated  ;D
Poster: zzzker
Date Posted: 26 January 2012, 02:43am
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
do priests get new spells at higher levels?
Poster: zzzker
Date Posted: 26 January 2012, 02:45am
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
I reckon a kingdoms wiki would be awse ;)
Poster: zzzker
Date Posted: 26 January 2012, 02:47am
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
is eagle eye for ranged only? or for melee too?
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 26 January 2012, 21:19pm
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
You can get more turns with some magical equipment. Also, there's some info in the tutorial on making the most of your turns.

Eagle eye works for ranged and melee weapons.
Poster: zzzker
Date Posted: 07 February 2012, 21:16pm
Re: Starting Party Think Tank - Tips for New Players.
Thanks Mutant