Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 06 December 2011, 14:26pm
Stats and such
i am still uncertain what different stats mean :(

agility doesnt mean hit better or evade better exept for archers?

does having more strength means u do more damage(i doubt so),or does it only mean u have only more attack factor?

does a higher divinity for a warrior for example give him better crits and does he hit better or evade a blow better due to luck?

does war cry and eagle eye work automatic every combat round,and increase in power when the stat for these increase?

which stat u need to hit better and more often?

Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 06 December 2011, 19:56pm
Re: Stats and such
Agility means better evasion for all types, and doubles as better attack factor for archers. Strength gives you more likelihood of hitting. Damage is determined by the weapon, though you can critical hit with greater damage. Divinity does not improve fighters and mages. It does function as a party attribute, giving greater luck in finding hidden doors and good items. War Cry and Eagle Eye are automatic, and their likelihood of happening is based on the skill points you assigned. Strength for warriors, Agility for archers, War Cry makes hitting more likely, Berserk Rage makes harder hits more likely, enhanced weapons make hitting harder.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 06 December 2011, 21:40pm
Re: Stats and such
Most skills have a related stat (or two). I'll probably make those known sometime soon.
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 06 December 2011, 21:45pm
Re: Stats and such
thanks axel for reply,i did a hard work to run through 200 combats with my group,and i found out the following:

shield bash seems to be beginning with lvl 1 at 9% going off in combat with 1-6 points damage,every lvl thereafter it adds 3% going off in combat so it will go off 36% at lvl 10,and u strength comes into play here also(every 10 strength is +1 damage)

berserk begins lvl 1 with 25% more damage when triggered,dunno the other lvls yet.strength gives +1 damage every 10 strength it seems.

war cry seems to go off 5% off all combat rounds,dunno how much it adds to normal hit potential

eagle eye seems to go off 3% or a tad lower for critical damage at lvl 1

"to hit" a monster seems to be all the same,so a lvl 1 char hits the same % like a lvl 25 char, it seems to be 30%.the only thing thats different is, that with higher monsters this rate of 30% decreses when u attack factor isnt higher than the monsters ground-defense factor..i tested this with fully equiped lvl 25 char hitting lvl 1 monsters,and lvl 2 chars hitting higher lvl monsters.

(ohh i see there is a bug after the update,i wondered when i saw that my lvl 25 char hits only 1 in 3 times a skeleton)

for newbies to know...

defense is calculated : your armor defense + agility
attack is calculated : your weapon attack + strength
maximal weigth u can carry is calculated : every point in strength and constitution multiplied by 10,so when u have strength 10 and constitution 10 u can carry 200 weigth at most.

with current 8 move u can move every terrain with 1 turn cost,to get that u need to have 12 max movement,so u can wear plate mail,best helmet, best shield and have max 12 movement u need 40 constitution.

fighter seems to get 1w12 hitpoints per lvl
clerics  seems to get 1w8  hitpoints per lvl
archer seems to get 1w6  hitpoints per lvl
mage  seems to get 1w4    hitpoints per lvl at most

any other things another player found out?
Poster: deityrox
Date Posted: 11 February 2012, 12:30pm
Re: Stats and such
affect whether shield bash on the archers with shield and sling? What are the minimum values ??of intellect and strength required to open the door dungeon? I noticed that the second-level dungeons do not really need more than 13 intelligence and 11 strength, but not enough the third.
found the door of the dungeon of the third level, which opened with 11 strength
By the way, a skill an eagle eye, in my opinion, is useless (skill level 10 for my archer)
Critical Shot is on the strength of the normal shot.
a little belatedly, I realized that divinity can replace intelligence at the opening of doors. It's a shame, but I had to lift up to 19 archer Intelligence, and the door still will not open.
Poster: Flevalt
Date Posted: 15 April 2012, 20:48pm
Re: Stats and such
What about constitution? What does that stat do?
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 15 April 2012, 20:58pm
Re: Stats and such
Each stat has many uses. Constitution is primarily used for the amount you can carry (i.e. encumbrance) and for bonuses to hit points each time you level up.
Poster: Zangi
Date Posted: 17 April 2012, 16:54pm
Re: Stats and such
It also increases Movement Factor...