Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 04 January 2012, 12:22pm
suggestion: Ascendancy for lvl25
goal: reddem lvl 25 character so they can level up again with new benefit

    [li] Have a lvl25 character [/li]
    [li] Having made a Donation or being a payer player , if/when it's implemented (Yeah it sucks, but we shall see Mutant advantage) [/li]
    [li] Go to a specific location given by Town Sage (those need more love):
    either already existing one (orb, dungeon) or a new one "Shrine". The building will only be created after paying the Sage for its location.
    The location should disappear upon completion to keep the Ascendancy quest a time consuming one [/li]
    [li] On the location a new order appear: "Sacrifice character". [/li]
    [li] Once the character is chosen you're "offering to the gods" for like 100 000 gold ;  another gold sink :-*) [/li]
    [li] The character loose all spent points in stats and skills and is now lvl 1 with some benefit [/li] </ul>

    May be one or more of these:
      [li] Level cap upped for ascended character (+5lvl ? May be the level cap for non-ascended could be lowered back to 20 if it's implemented) [/li]
      [li] Base characteristic upped (+2 to all? ) and/or base damage upped (+2) [/li]
      [li] New portrait with like a golden glow or something. May be Ascended Character is just a new playable race (like Angel or Devil? ) [/li]
      [li] given 10 point in one second-hand skill either dependent of the sacrificed character race (Metallurgy for Dwarf, Fetching for elf and Negotiation for human) or the sacrificed class (Metallurgy for warrior, Fetching for archer, Medicine for Priest and Awareness for Mage) [/li]
      [li] you can change your class [/li] </ul>

      And further
      Having new class available through ascendency would be awesome:
      Paladin (warrior hit point + priest spell );
      Ranger (warrior HP + 3 attacks / 2 round with ranged weapon);
      Battlemage (Warrior HP + mage spell);
      Druid (3 att/ 2 round with ranged+ Priest spell);
      Shaman (3 att / 2round  with ranged + Mage spell);
      Archmage (choose priest or mage spell decided at the beginning of the day : when you're memorizing spell you have to choose one of the two spell list)
      It could be balanced with far less Spell Point for those class and it just re-use already existing features.

      Eventually you can ascend a few time with the benefit stacking (+4 to all characteristics for a second time ascended, +10 skill point in a new skill for each ascension, etc). But each ascension could failed like 10% failure for the first and 100% failure for the tenth and the character get nothing but you loose the money and the location of the "Shrine".

      I only succeeded in having 2 character at lvl 25 (and 2 more at lvl 24). I feel using them is an xp waste, and I just keep them as disposable mayor.  I could just sell them but somehow I got attached to them, plus they still can be useful. But god I wish I could level them again.
      I feel part of the fun in RPG is leveling character and level cap always strike me like a curse even if it's needed for obvious balancing purpose.
      For new player it can be frustrating to fight against high level character, or to be so low compared to old player. Ascendancy could delay the gap a bit: Old players sacrifice powerful characters and gold for a few non game-breaking benefits which would paid in a distant future.

      So you guys with ton of lvl 25 characters, would you use some feature  like Ascendancy? Would you eventually donate to access ascendancy? Personnaly I think I will if some new class  (paladin, ranger, etc) are available upon completion.

      Sorry for the long post, I just had to get this idea out of my mind.
      And, btw Mutant, this is just the least thing I would like to see implemented, my main concern is about the new UI  >:(
      I miss the ability to watch any part of the map via mini-map, and even more the character sheets non open-able in new window. The awful managing of garrison became even more frustrating. Please just make garrisoned character sheet open in new window by default  :'(
      Poster: Mutant
      Date Posted: 07 January 2012, 21:16pm
      Re: suggestion: Ascendancy for lvl25
      Some interesting ideas.. the level cap is a pretty crucial part of the game for a few reasons, but I could see it being raised in special circumstances like you describe (something else for the player to work towards).

      On the UI:

      I'm not sure what you mean by "the ability to watch any part of the map via mini-map".

      You can also open character screens in a new window (there's a link next to the name)... but I think you're saying you want this by default in some cases?

      EDIT: split this into a separate thread