Poster: Dies Horribly
Date Posted: 11 January 2012, 19:25pm
Pelarn = Annoying
I haven't seen much trash talk here, so I'll add my bit.  Its obvious Warriors, whatever your second "girlfriends" account is and the psuedo kingdom of Pelarn is just set up to pillage and plunder the towns and the good people of the kingdoms world.  To me and a few others I've spoken with, it's just tedious to log in every day to retake the same towns over and over, when its obvious you're not trying to form a kingdom, just collect tax money on towns, people have grown in prosperity over months of work.  If your goal is to drive people away from the game by exploiting a known fault, then kudos, because thats what you're doing.  If you actually want to help and develop and grow a great game, that the kinks are still being ironed out in, maybe its time to step back and rethink your style of game play.  It won't be much of a game & all of your jacked up weapons and armor you're having the god-like blacksmiths work on for you, won't be worth anything if you're playing by yourself.

Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 12 January 2012, 01:56am
Re: Pelarn = Annoying
no i am not up to ruin the game.... in real life back when knights were in europe u also had robber-knights who conquered towns,i play this style here.
i play it not to annoy people,as i said earlier i want to test all that could be here in the game.u will ask why i want to test it...easy to show mutant what he can change to make it better.
if he dont want to have robber-knights in the game,he should tweak the possibility to conquer towns.but did he want that? i guess no...
in the moment it is hard to defend a town,i dont want to spend money to build it up,cause it could be conquered by anyone easily.
i did it at the beginning but my towns got conquered and mostly by you!!!!
remember this is a beta game,so all we do help mutant to make this game better...
my part looks like the bad boy part,but its better to play it now in beta than be suprised that anyone play it in the game when its finished.
and another story is that the big 4 kingdoms wont get another kingdom started,thats why u complaining all about,u angry to lose terretory...
but mutant MUST give even new players the possibility to have an own it is now u say that u dont even let me have my own,even when i have the most chars in the 25 lvls in the game.
i play this game from the beginning like u,and i wont be squire under another player.
if u want YOUR kingdom like it is now,and the others want THEIR kingdom also like it is,the game would be static and no new player even had a chance to have their own piece here.
i dont think that mutant want to have only 5 players in the game who "rules" all others.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 12 January 2012, 20:36pm
Re: Pelarn = Annoying
I do appreciate that you're finding flaws and imbalance in the game... it is helpful (I wouldn't know about them otherwise, and even if I did, wouldn't know how to fix them - it's much easier when you see how someone uses the game).

Having said that, do you think you can tone things down a little? The game does have some balance issues, which you've highlighted, but (since this is just a hobby for me), I might not be able to fix them for a while. In the mean time, a lot of the other players aren't getting much enjoyment out of the game. They might leave and not come back, which would be a shame.

Maybe you could negotiate a truce (which might involve some compromise on everyone's part!), at least until some of the issues are fixed.

EDIT: moved to general forum, as it's not really RP.
Poster: pelarn
Date Posted: 12 January 2012, 23:58pm
Re: Pelarn = Annoying
hi mutant,u are right when u say here in the game there are 2 sides,one the developer and one the power gamer.i can calm down if u wish...:)
the main prob is the long term motivation for both sides,even if anyone has his kingdom the game could be boring in the long run.
an idea from me...
every player can only have 1 town and can only occopy them when he has a lvl 25 group,and there must be a free town avail...if not than conquer an existing one.
every next town someone want to have needs another lvl 25 group to rise up,and so on.
and to top that u give away benefits for rulers who have 3 towns,6 towns, 9 towns and so on.
that would give both type of players a long term motivation.for peeps who dont want to have towns there could be a challange arena or a tournament with a price(unique weapon,or armor or so),or even a group of unique monsters to fight for a price.(titans,etc)
town owners should also be able to build up an army to fight other rulers(not groups) for politcal intervention.
even the possibility for rulers to achieve monster groups for attacking other rulers could be a point.
as i said we need lomg term motivation,like every game needs :D
but for now i stop conquering u wish
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 16 January 2012, 00:19am
Re: Pelarn = Annoying
Just to be clear - I wasn't suggesting you give up your kingdom completely... but if you could try to play the game it in the 'spirit' it is intended (i.e. building empires), it would be a great help.... I'm hoping the next release will make it so that you can only play in that spirit.... because that's all the game allows....