Poster: guessingo
Date Posted: 11 March 2012, 18:06pm
some questions
I have played off and on for a while. My party level is 10.
2 fighters
3 archers
2 priests
1 mage

1. is that a good mix for a party?
2. do mages and priests get new spells after level 10 or so? Or do the spells just get a little stronger?
3. my level 11 mage does not seem very useful. He gets injured easily and he doesn't have enough spell points to use his spells that much. He has 26 energy beam and 10 flames. I mainly use the spells so he gets extra exp. What spells should I pick, when do they get really useful?

4. My priests have all heal spells. One of them has a portal spell. Should I get other spells? I find I use just about all of my heal spells. Problem with priests is they don't seem to get much exp when they heal. So it is hard for them to keep up with higher parties.

5. I added new characters as I got gold and some are significantly lower level than others. So they don't get alot of exp. So they level slower. Should I send them out to easier dungeons alone to level them?

6. I can basically handle a level 2 dungeon. When I go to level 3, I burn through my heals fast and my mage tends to die. Is that expected or am I weak?

7. how do you get better blacksmiths. I read they are random. The best I have found is average. It costs alot of turns to move outside, so I have been dungeon bashing in the same area. Is there anyway to take over a town and dump the blacksmith to try to get a better one?

8. what happens when a towns wealth gets better? They seem to get some more equipment shops. But the generic items are all the same. None of them seem to carry very good magic items. The item that seems to be most useful is indestructible right?

9. Is it best to concentrate on 1 combat skill as a fighter? In some games its better to specialize? Does a high level war cry go off more often than a low one or is it just better? I don't know if I should go for accuracy or damage at higher levels. I do not have alot of trouble hitting mobs, but I don't know if that will continue at high levels?

10. when is it ever useful to search a room? The only time I see is if you are stuck. Other than that it seems like a total waste of movement points. So then awareness seems like a weak skill.

11. how do you attack other parties? I ran into 1 in a dungeon and I don't see an attack option?

12. When should I spend gold on Garrisons? How do you keep them going? Do you mainly make them so you can get gold? How many characters do you put in them? How much do you spend on the garrisons to build them? How long does it take to get the investment back?

13. how do you tell if you are strong enough to attack a town? What kind of rewards do you get?

14. do quests do anything other than rewards? I saw somewhere it makes people like you. What does that do?

15. why would I want to be a mayor of a town? What does it do?

16. is there an easier way to move around? I burn tons of movement outside. How common are blacksmiths above average? I figure I have to hunt for them?
Poster: Kooho
Date Posted: 11 March 2012, 20:07pm
Re: some questions
1. I don't see anything wrong with it. I started with 2 priests and 3 archers myself.

2. No. Spells do get stronger and you get you more points to spend on casts each day.

3. Mages are not all that great at first. I have 22 level mage, with 60 int and 148 energy beams per day. She does around 20-30 damage per cast. I hear energy beam never misses either, not sure though. If you need more defence, curses can become very useful along with priest spells.

4. When i was leveling my first few characters, i had two priests with heals, blades on the other and haste on the other. Making an archer attack 2 times each round with increased damage is fun. Priests level a little slower, but they'll catch up.

5. I find it best to train characters around the same level. I'm not entirely sure on how it works specifically, but the characters that do more damage to the mob groub seem to gain more experience. For example if i have those 2 priests with me i would cast blades and haste on an archer i want to gain more exp with.

6. With party level 10, expected.

7. Join a kingdom. Use the kingdom message board to ask and tell.

8. As i understand it, most of the magical items in shops come from players finding them in dungeons and selling them there.
If you need specific items, again, join a kingdom and ask around, someone might have something to sell. Also check the trade halls in towns. Yes, indestructible items are very good, obviously because you don't need to spend gold to repair them, but also because upgrading items at blacksmiths reduces durability, with indestructible items this is not a problem.

9. For fighters i usually train 3 skills at the same time, comes down to preference i think. You have 24 points to spend on skills with each character. Both accuracy and damage is important, but accuracy more so i think, if you cant hit you can't do damage at all!
Especially against player characters af and df become the focus point, try to get both as high as you can.

10. In my opinion awereness is weak, but i haven't done much raiding. I hear it helps avoid castle traps, which can become your downfall. Not fun going against a player garrison with muted priests and cursed fighters!

11. You can't attack player parties in dungeons. You can attack player garrisons in the wilderness and raid towns owned by players.

12. You can lock lands around garrisons, so enemy kingdoms can't claim them. Other than that you use them for experience and gold. It's not much, but you can set one up and forget it, the gold and experience piles up while you train your active party. Also, having a garrison near a town might or might not raise prosperity.
To be honest, i haven't done much with wilderness garrisons with buildings, and i dont think many have yet, so a lot of what you're asking is not explored fully. Be the first to figure it out!

13. It's hard to know for sure, if it's owned by a player expect the worst. You get the town, gaining profits from it, which can be nice if you manage it well. With enough towns you can create a kingdom and tax all towns within your kingdom, but also create a community within the game, the benefits of that should be self evident.

14. Yes, you gain favour with the town. When they love you enough, you can get discounts on town services.

15. You can tax the peasants, shop sales and anyone entering the town. If you manage the town well you can recieve decent profits from it.

16. You can buy equipment that has +movement factor for your characters, also the constitution stat raises the movement factor of a character and i think weight reduces it, not entirely sure how that all works.

Wow, that was a lot. I might be wrong on some things, so don't take it as 100% true.
Poster: guessingo
Date Posted: 11 March 2012, 22:20pm
Re: some questions
what does movement factor do?
Poster: deityrox
Date Posted: 11 March 2012, 22:40pm
Re: some questions
[quote author=guessingo link=topic=228.msg1954#msg1954 date=1331504432]
what does movement factor do?
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Poster: Zangi
Date Posted: 12 March 2012, 22:11pm
Re: some questions
@16. +Con is preferable over Movement Factor, unless that particular character never carries anything more then their current armor. 
Con gives extra carry weight per point. (+10 each Con and also increases Movement Factor every few points.)
Loot is automatically distributed to the character with the lowest Encumbrance ratio.  (Means you'd have to micromanage more to keep Movement Factor up.)
Movement Factor goes down as you carry more stuff.
Example:  100/500 Encumbrance, you are carrying 100lb in items and your max Encumbrance is 500lb.  This means, if you have 10 Movement Factor, it would come out to 8 Movement Factor.
Using the above example: 400/500 Encumbrance = 2 Movement Factor

So yea, if you want stability and not having to screw with loot often, +Con items are preferable.  If you are micromanaging items/dropping loot/only traveling, +Movement Factor is more optimized for that approach.

@Blacksmiths: Its all random how they come, go and train up... so yea, you have to check towns.  Joining an active kingdom helps a heck of a lot... some players traveling around will tell of +good blacksmiths they find.  (Time is not active.)