Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 14 March 2012, 07:31am
Suggestion: Game Name Change?
Hello all (again)!

It might be worth considering changing the name of the game to something a bit more unique and memorable. "Kingdoms" is very forgettable unfortunately. I discovered the game before the holidays last year and got hooked, but unfortunately due to family issues out of country I had to spend many months away from internet access and utterly forgot about the game til recently. Much to my chagrin computer issues utterly destroyed my browsing history and bookmarks leaving me to try to remember the name of the cool game I was playing! Google wasn't much help either as the number of browser games with "kingdoms" in the name is about a gazillion.

Perhaps Mutant could name the world and title the game "Kingdoms of X" or something memorable to give the name a bit of uniqueness.
Poster: Kooho
Date Posted: 14 March 2012, 12:41pm
Re: Suggestion: Game Name Change?
I agree.

Feel free to suggest anything, a name, some story bits, concepts or ideas.

Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 15 March 2012, 20:01pm
Re: Suggestion: Game Name Change?
I'm sure I'll get around to that sooner or later.... picking a name that doesn't suck is the hardest part.

"X Kingdoms" is a possibility too, e.g. "Scattered Kingdoms"... although that's probably too close to "Shattered Kingdoms" which is another popular RPG.