Date Posted: 21 March 2012, 19:48pm
Kingdom of Belief
Monarch: Jawlock Gamomusda
Capital: Amaranthtown
2nd City: Cherrygain

I believe in the belief of Relentlessness. Should war be declared and all towns be lost, I will still wage war and fight the good fight. I believe in Live and Let Live, and will propagate peace until war comes knocking.
Causes for War: Attacking vassals unprovoked. Allies are invaded. Invasion. Breaking Treaties.
Causes for Relentless War: Attacking the capital or the 2nd city. Attacking vassals unprovoked. Invasion.
I believe in Belief.

Foreign Relations:

Current Wars: N/A
Current Outlaws: N/A
Public News:I will be trading magic equipment at low prices in Amaranthtown (bit more/less I can sell to town for, except upgraded invincible equipment those have their own scale)
Kingdom Status: Non-existent
One day Belief may rise again, but likely not for a long time