Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 22 March 2012, 21:37pm
0.8.2: comment
Nice update.
I should try to get those dragon vial to test detonate one day.

What I still dont get is how garrison still stay cumbersome (lesser than before , I should admit) :

I explain what's my daily routine with garrison, so Mutant might get the problem:

-I want to see who leveled up in my ~8 garrison, and if they didnt flee: So I open "garrison" (No other access) on the main menu : 1 clic

-This screen serve no purpose for me: The history is a nice touch, but I never used it (just happen to check it while writting this post)
So I clic on the 1st of my garrison :javascript:loadScreen('garrison/manage?garrison_id=479') : 2 clic

-Now I can see who level uped in this one. If none, i check the other one. That the fist screen where we can actually see a lot of thing all together. Very nice, I wish "garrison" in menu open up this screen directly.
Let's say , one character did level on my 2nd garrison. Hurray!! Now I clic this character to affect the skill point and stuff: 3 clic

-What the update did well is that now, I can access easily all other guy in the garrison, that's awesome. I can check if anyone is well, and still geared correctly or if I should come to repair their stuff or heal them.
What the update did not take into account, is that I still have ~5 garrison to check, and no easy way. Once my character is leveluped , when I close the window, I must go back to step one: Menu Garrison/select garrison to check/select character.
One little thing that could help with that, is if the (...) from
The garrison at 89, 47    89, 47    1889    167    (...)    Manage

could directly open said garrison screen in new window when cliqued. This way I dont loose track of the garrison already checked. And I can manage all my character without leaving the garrison screen, so i can use it again later.

Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 22 March 2012, 22:10pm
Re: 0.8.2: comment
Thanks... I think I understand the problem a lot better now :)

I also think there are problems managing large numbers of characters... I'm hoping to address that sometime as well.