Poster: wootah
Date Posted: 24 April 2012, 16:49pm
Really Noob Questions
So I started today and the game help sections aren't helping I have found noob question threads already, but they are missing some critical stuff.

I found a treasure chest in the sewers and it had arrows in it. But my warrior looted them and I have found no way to give them to my archer. I drag them from his inventory over the archer name and the icon is red instead of green.

I have a quest to find a pearl for the town and sell it to a shop keeper. I paid the sage 100 gold to find the pearl, but all he says is that it is in the town that I am already in. Now what?

The tutorial for the sewer seems to indicate that I move into the rats to attack them, but I keep getting attacked out of the blue, even if they are in the same large room. It is like I never had a combat option. Sometimes I can see them in the room that I just entered, but then if I move anywhere else they attack me. The quick tutorial says that I should be able to see what my chances are with enemies, but if they just attack me anyway, what is the point.

if I only get to cast spells a few times a day, why would I want a squishier caster instead of just a group of warriors and archers?

There was nothing explaining what the line dividing the group was. I guess that it was like a front and back like for RPGs, but I am in the dark on the benefits or negatives of group order and position.
Poster: deityrox
Date Posted: 24 April 2012, 18:07pm
Re: Really Noob Questions
There is a chat in the game. Upper left corner of main screen.

In the inventory window, You can right-click on the item, and then choose "Give that to..." someone option. Doesn't work during battles or in trade halls/ town's shops.

You need to buy a gem in any shop then sell it in any of shops, associated with the city in which you took the quest.

you can see the size of squad of the monsters if you move the mouse over its icon. Use IE or Mozilla.
attempt to avoid an attack is possible only during a raid on cities.

"if I only get to cast spells a few times a day, why would I want a squishier caster instead of just a group of warriors and archers?" - sounds logical. But if suddenly you find yourself locked up tight, you will be saved by (in addition to the ability "Awarness") high intelligence \ divinity, which will help remove the seal from the door. Or spell the Portal instead, which is from the priest.

when you see your party characters on  the right, you will see a line next to any character.
Move the characters of front row above it , ie those with high health and attack. In it the back row should be kept slingers, crossbowmen, archers. They have reduced the likelihood of getting hit. Also, for being in the back row the attack power goes down (attack factor) by the amount specified in the properties of weapons.
Poster: deityrox
Date Posted: 25 April 2012, 18:15pm
Re: Really Noob Questions
If you do not want to risk, then you can proceed with maximum caution. Sell all your characters. Buy a warrior health 40. Equip it with two shields and better armor and helmet. Take the quest to find a gem. Get out of town. If you are attacked, click on the icon of the shield next to your character. Try to retreat from the battlefield. Find another city with the right gem.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 26 April 2012, 09:26am
Re: Really Noob Questions
Things will only attack you if you're worth attacking... so if they're much stronger than you they'll ignore you. Rats are (not surprisingly!) pretty weak, so they'll attack. If you venture out into the wilderness, you'll find a lot of mobs will just ignore you, and you can move onto them and see how strong they are.