Poster: Kinks
Date Posted: 09 August 2010, 14:42pm
Thoughts on Kingdoms
Hi All!

Just found this game a couple of days ago, and had a couple thoughts to share on kingdoms. At first I thought having to manage a large party would be a pain, as I prefer single player rpgs. Though with kingdoms its actually not too bad with the 5 characters I currently have (not sure how Capt. Volley does with the 29 chars!). The first day was great, I had plenty of turns to go around and to explore the map. Day 2 was disappointing, I quickly went through the 150 turns in about 10-20 minutes. I've seen equipment that ups the turn count, but its way too expensive currently. The map is great, though I wish the pop-ups would be a little faster. I'm using chrome, and mousing over towns gives me a black block below the town info. Combat is great, I went with all my chars being dwarf warriors (plink, plink, plink) since Mages and Priests seem useless at the lower levels. I'll pick some up later when I can afford them :P One thing I feel is missing is a chat box, but that might just be me being used to them in the games I play. Quests seem kind of generic currently, (kill x mobs, find x, deliver messages), but they are a nice xp boost when completed. All and all, this is a game I will def play more of. Though if you could up the turn count and reduce movement costs, it would be an improvement.

Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 09 August 2010, 20:01pm
Re: Thoughts on Kingdoms

Thanks for your feedback... yes, turns can be a bit of a pain early on.... but later on they become a bit less restrictive. That's because most people don't play *every* day (after the first few days), and you can accumulate up to 500 turns. Also, as your party's movement factor increases, they use less turns (and also explore dungeons where you go thru a lot less turns). Maybe new parties should get more turns per day....

A chat box might be useful too. I haven't bothered yet because there haven't been many people playing. Things have picked up in the last few months tho, so maybe it's worth considering.

Anyway, glad you're enjoying it, and hope to hear more feedback soon.
Poster: SJD
Date Posted: 13 August 2010, 02:42am
Re: Thoughts on Kingdoms
Priests are arguably MORE useful in the lower levels ;]

Also, it seems a lot of new people eat up all their turns moving around. Best to avoid wandering aimlessly - find a small copse of towns (preferably near a level 1 dungeon), and spend your time doing the rounds of those. You gain the benefit of discounts to taxes/ healing etc from building your reputation with those towns by virtue of doing lots of little quests for them. Focus on clearing out monsters and bashing orbs, and looting the local low level dungeon. Maybe chuck some dudes in a garrison and let them earn money for you. Beware of missile weapons in garrisons though which will quickly run out of ammo, and try to put a priest with them so they can at least heal themselves. Travelling costs are related to the lowest common denominator in terms of your party member's constitutions - so work on that if you want to move faster/ more cheaply.