Poster: Axel-K
Date Posted: 23 August 2010, 00:32am
What do the character stats mean?
I have been trying to figure out precisely what the character statistics do.

Strength seems to increase the load carrying ability - but does it increase the damage of attack? Mages use intelligence, but I cannot decide if it increases spell strength or spell points (with each level-up). Does intelligence have any other functions? Lock-picking in a dungeon or accuracy of attack? Divinity is for priests. Same question as for mages - does it increase spell power or spell points? Does increasing divinity also give an advantage to warriors and archers by increasing their attack factor? Agility reduces the likelihood of being hit for all types, but does it have any other function? Constitution increases the resistance to attack, but high constitution seems to increase the movement factor, effectively decreasing the number of turns.

What do the different races and functions mean? Priests and mages are obvious, but it took me a while to notice that archers get two attacks every second turn. Warriors have very high hit points, archers less so, priests and mages increasingly less. What characteristics do the different races have? Do dwarves have an affinity for axes, elves for bows and arrows? Do they have different capacities against different types of foul creature?

Is this standard RPG stuff which I could Google, or is it unique to Kingdoms?

Thanks for a most enjoyable game. It is wonderful to see it take shape.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 23 August 2010, 02:32am
Re: What do the character stats mean?
There is some info in the help on stats (which should probably be made a bit more prominent). I think you've got most of the uses.... although some of them are up to you to discover yourself! (Or have another friendly player tell you). Sometimes stats are averaged across your whole party (e.g. with your movement factor), and sometimes it's just an individual stat, e.g. when attacking (which is Strength for Melee weapons, and Agility for Ranged weapons).

You've also pretty much got the major differences between the classes (again, this is in the help). Races don't have any difference, except in their base stats (which you can see when generating your party). This may change at some point though.

Anyway, glad you're enjoying the game.