Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 16 November 2012, 06:42am
Rise of the Phoenix
After the Great War between Staberinde and Tuonela the world lay in ashes. Victory over the mighty kingdom of Tuonela came at a great cost. The great King Weebi would return home to find everything burnt to ashes. Even the fertile tea fields of southern Staberinde had become nothing but cinder. Here his vast network of warriors and spies, responsible for many victories during the war would gather to lay foundation for a new order destined to protect this land from all those that would defile it. Now the towns have been rebuilt, the land re-sowed, and our capital Crypt Citadel stands stronger than it has ever been. The Order of the Phoenix has risen from the ashes of this world and we will put flame to all those that would attempt to destroy it. 
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 09 December 2014, 23:51pm
Re: Rise of the Phoenix
Then the Phoenix clan turned on its own alliance and joined with the enemy it had been fighting against for many turns. The members in the old Staberine alliance waited for the Phoenix clan to self dissolve. After 100s of days they returned taking back the land that was stolen by the Phoenix from the Stormtrooper party. The Rise of the Phoenix was over and a brief reign ended as quietly as it had begun...