Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 09 June 2013, 18:40pm
Questions about Tactics/Strategy and a Some Other Things
Hello again! It's been awhile since I've played this game and my have things changed! I'm new and mostly enjoying the dungeoneering aspect of the game and haven't bothered trying out running a town yet, but might later although am I to understand everything in the game is claimed already? Wow! Glad to see the game actually has a more unique name now! Finding it online just as "Kingdoms" was pretty hard before.

Anyways, I had a few questions/observations on things implemented during my hiatus that don't seem to be adequately answered on forums/help files if anyone knows the answers to them it would be appreciated, thanks!

Tactics/Strategy: These seem to be pretty interesting skills that I'm hoping would help my dungeoneering party flee overpowering encounters/prevent me from wasting turns hunting down beaten enemies. However it's not entirely clear how they might work. For example, let's say I'm in a dungeon/wilderness encounter and my party has 2 high Int mages, both with high marks in Tactics and Strategy. Let's say I want to flee or my foes are attempting to flee. How does the game handle these checks? Does it merely roll using the highest of the two mages skill level? Does it roll adding both of their skill levels together? Does it check against one mage, and if that fails, check against the other til one succeeds or both fails? Does it average the total Int levels + Strategy (or Tactics as appropriate) of the entire party? I'm curious as I'm not too keen on buying up multiple characters with strategy/tactics if having more than one high score is redundant, you see.

Scouting: Is noticing nearby encounters guaranteed or is it a roll against something? Is scouting range limited to the 8 squares adjacent to your location or does it go further than that? Often monsters flee my party and I scout immediately and find nothing, so I'm curious. Am I missing them due to some random roll or having low marks in eyesight or did they flee beyond the range of Scout already?

Picking Locked Doors: I'm not sure if this is bugged or not, but everytime I dungeon-crawl with my agile, archer heavy party and run up against a locked door, attempting to pick it never works ever. Maybe picking doors is themed to Int and not Agi (?). But I'm assuming it's not since lock-picking is usually the province of the agile roguish type characters. It's gotten to the point I try everything other than lock-picking first.

Jewel Quests: I love these simple little quests, but the interface for doing them is a little cumbersome. It'd be neat if you had the option to sell the jewel right at the quest screen rather than click through several menus to the shops while trying to remember which jewel they wanted.

Prestige and Jewel/Kill Quests: I'm curious as to if it's intended that fulfilling Jewel and Kill X Monsters Around Town raises your prestige with the town at all? Failing any quest by letting the days run out drops your prestige, but succeeding at Jewel/Kill Quests doesn't appear to raise it. (Or maybe just raises it so slightly you almost never notice?) As it stands I think only crushing an Orb and maybe Fetching an Artifact from a nearby dungeon quests (maybe?) raise your prestige, I think.

Party vs Party: Searching the forums for an answer to this is a bit confusing. Posts all suggest that a party can attack another party manning a garrison, but what they can do when finding another party in the Wilderness or a Dungeon remains unclear/hard to discern. I know monsters can randomly stumble and fight your party if you leave them in the Wilderness or Dungeon, but can player run parties? (I'm not to keen on getting squashed by level 20+ fellas while I'm offline.) I know my party is safe hanging out in town though, right?

Encumbrance: It'd be pretty convenient if the game did the math for you on the character inventory screen to show you how much more weight you can add before you lose a movement factor, especially for characters dependant on ammunition. It gets tedious trying to figure out how many arrows you can hold in your inventory before you cripple your movement rate. Something simple like: "You may carry 3.5 more pounds before losing more movement."

Other: I've noticed that potions and scrolls have been implemented and that's great. I was curious if it might be a worthwhile idea to add an Apothecary shop to Towns that stocks (limited) amounts of potions (and maybe some scrolls?) rather than chucking 1 or 2 of them randomly into the other shops? I think it might be nice to have a shop that keeps a small, limited selection of lower healing potions and the occasional scroll of Portal or something. It shouldn't be very powerful stuff mind you, just useful out of combat things. No need for potions capable of healing all the wounds of a lvl 20 warrior, but being able to carry a few healing potions in case the sh!t hits the fan in a dungeon and your priest dies would be nice.

Overall a still great game and happy I found it again! Thanks!
Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 09 June 2013, 19:33pm
Re: Questions about Tactics/Strategy and a Some Other Things
Tactics/Strategy: No idea how the formula on this works.

Scouting: Only scouts the square you currently one... mostly a waste of your turn at this time.

Picking Locks: Each door is like a rock paper scissors game and can only be opened with one of the three choices. You do have to have the right guy in group though to be able to choose one of the three choices. Warrior - door bash, Mage - Break Seals, Archer - Pick Locks. If you don't have one of those options (a lot of people run without mages) you will have to do the 15 turns dismantle door method.

Prestige: all quests raise prestige in a town you just have to do a good amount of them. I think the lower the amount of monster kills and jewel quests give the smallest number and dungeon quests give the highest.

Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 09 June 2013, 20:58pm
Re: Questions about Tactics/Strategy and a Some Other Things
Tactic/Strategy: These skills stack, so multiple characters in your party with these skills will be beneficial

Party vs Party: You can be attacked in the wilderness by another party (but not in a dungeon). There are restrictions over who you can attack though, i.e. they can't be too low level. It's usually safer not to leave your party in the wilderness though.

Weebi answered most of your other questions. I don't have a lot of time for development at the moment, but I'll take note of the tweaks you suggested.

Glad to have you back :)