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Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 11 June 2013, 07:33am
New player tips and questions.
Heres a thread for some tips for new players, or for any questions anyone new to the game might have. Below I have compiled a list of tips from my kingdoms discussion board.

Tip - Turn Shortage: Ill be coming up with some tips every once in awhile to help everyone get a leg up on the most effective ways to play. The first one will be how to maximize your turn output so you get the most you can out of a day. Now as you walk around the kingdom you may run into equipment with +turns per day on them. What you do is place this equipment on the garrisons that you may control. After awhile you will be able to get up to 1000 turns when the New Day dawns. On top of that you can get 100 turns easily by using "Get More Turns free!" Link on the top left corner of the screen. All this together can get you to up a maximum of 1700 turns in a day which is far better than the normal 600 you get in a 24 hour period. Now in the next week or two, empty castles and towers will be appearing all along our kingdom when I can get around to focusing on building them after I finish upgrading the 10 core cities. Feel free to place your garrisons in them to help you out But, if you do remember to CEDE them to the kingdom so they can continue to claim land for us.

Also, as you travel about try to keep an eye out for God-Like smiths and place their location on the discussion board so that the rest of the kingdom may use the smith as well.  You only usually have a small time frame to use them as they tend to retire quickly after reaching that kind of status as a smith.

Tip: Building up a town. So you've reached party level 15 and finally taken your own town? After selecting your mayor its time to begin building up your first town as a base of operations and a good start up point for future members of your party. First you will set the tax rate, as a start up the peasant tax rate to about 20% until they love your mayor then you can go up to 28% and then 10 - 20% sales tax. Usually I set the entrance fee too about 1% as it makes your town a popular spot for people to quest or just use to heal and drop off goods at the shop. The more people that visit your town the higher the prosperity (although I must admit much of how prosperity works is baffling).

Next its time to build up your Buildings, your first priority should be to make the Market Level 10 then bring your Barracks up to level 10. They are the only buildings in your town that you have to be in the actual town to upgrade because you have to deliver the materials to build them  directly to the town. All runes can be upgraded just by selecting the town from the mayor screen. Now create a garrison of 8 new characters so that your barracks can give them exp while your current group of adventurers is out and about. That way when you switch them out your new group is already strong enough level without having to grind at low level dungeons.

Now try to fill up your garrison with +turn gear so that you can keep going for that +1000 bonus turn max. The best mayors I found are mages with +10 strategy +10 tactics and +4 leadership. They will offer you the best protection from invasion for your town. Also, so for the best tax rate Ive seen without upsetting your people so far is about 28% but don't hike it up that high right away wait until your people love your mayor first. Your goal for all towns should be +10 on all buildings, traps, and 9 level 25 garrisoning the town including the mayor. and about 20-30 elite guards. Doing that however will take many many turns and close to half a million gold.
Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 12 June 2013, 23:43pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Heres some tips for building your guys. Leveling men in crown of conquest will always be about trial and error and what works best for you; however, here is what I found to be most effective for myself. Most of this is based on running Dungeons. Garrisoning a town or even attacking a town rely on different tactics that I won’t go over here. 

First I will begin by explaining each stat and its uses

1. Str - useful for melee fighting

2. Agi - Useful for range fighting also gives 1 in def. everyone should have at least 10 agi. That from my experiences is the minimum amount of agi you should have for defense on any characters.

3. Int - Useful to boost some skills mostly used only for mages

4. Div - Useful to boost some skills mostly used for Priests

5. Con - Allows the character to carry more while giving your character a greater chance to get a higher amount of health when leveling up. With any character I have I level Con up to 40 points before I level any other stat. I figured 40 points gives you the best ability to walk around movement wise while giving you close to the maximum amount of health while leveling. Each guy should have about 40con by level 10.
Here are the Skills I most use when running a dungeon

1. Berserker Rage - Gives the character a chance of going into a Berserker rage during combat, increasing the damage they inflict Base Stat(s): Constitution. Essential for Archer and Warriors as it has a high chance to increase their damage for a good amount of turns. The most important skills for them both.

2. Eagle Eye - Allows the character to spot weaknesses in their opponent's defense, giving them an increased chance of a critical hit Base Stat(s): None. I use this for my next 10 points in either archer or two handed warriors.

3. Shield Bash - Allows the character to bash their opponent with a shield, in addition to their normal attack for the round Base Stat(s): Strength. A must for all shield bearing warriors. I use Warriors with shields almost exclusively so this is my go too skill after Berserker Rage.

4. Tactics -  Allows character's party to prevent foes from fleeing. Also allows mayors to instruct their guards in offense Base Stat(s): Intelligence. When fighting monsters in dungeons or when defending a town this is a huge skill to have as it increases the chance the enemy cannot flee. Makes fighting in dungeons far easier as monster tend to flee a lot when you grow in level.

5. Strategy - Gives the character's group a greater chance of successfully fleeing from battles. Also allows mayors to instruct their guards in defense Base Stat(s): Intelligence – I put this on the mage I run with and my priests. Sometimes you just have to run away and lick your wounds.

6. War Cry - Each round of combat, the character may sound a War Cry, giving them an increased chance of hitting their opponent Base Stat(s): Divinity. I have this on some of my heaviest hitters; however I rarely use it beyond them. I find 4 points in tactics more useful to prevent monsters from fleeing. By the time you reach 25 most of your guys will never miss anyway.

7. Recall -Allows spell casters a chance of recalling a spell immediately after casting it, meaning they don't use up a cast for the day Base Stat(s): Constitution. Some use this on their mages and priests. I find it pointless in the high end as I rarely run out of the spells I use anyway.

8. Awareness - Increases the character's chance of finding traps, secret doors, etc. Base Stat(s): Intelligence, Divinity. I hate traps both my priests have this skill maxed out and traps still sometimes trigger. Also helps in discovering all the doors when you first enter a dungeon.

Warriors - After reaching 10 AGI and 40 CON all remaining level points go into STR. This is their primary attack attribute. Skills I use for warriors is Berserker Rage First to level  10 then 10 points in shield Bash then 4 points in tactics or warcry. If you use a two handed weapon on your warrior you can go with eagle eye instead of shield bash however if you do that you should have a min 20 points in AGI for defense.

Archers  - After putting 40 points in con all remaining points should be placed into AGI for each points in SGI you will get 1 attack point and 1 defense point making the archer the best defensive player in the game and the most used for garrisons. Their one downside though is that they need ammunition I usually carry anywhere from 700-1000 of a particular ammunition at any one time.  Skills I use for the archer are 10 points berserker rage first then 10 points in eagle eye then 4 points in tactics or war cry.

Mages – After placing 40 points in CON and having AGI to at least 10 I then place the remaining points in INT and when leveling all spells points are placed into Energy Beam so that your mage can fight when attacking monsters (energy beam doesn’t do that much damage but it only takes one spell point and it cannot miss or be resisted). I normally run two shields on a mage for extra defense so STR is pointless on any of my mages.  Skills I use for the mage – 10 points in Tactics, 10 Points in Strategy, and 4 points in whatever you want based on what your mage is being used for.

Priests – After Placing 40 points in CON and have AGI at 10 I place the remaining points in DIV. As I run two priests I devote all my spell points to Healing and then at least two spells for each priest are devoted to portal. I don’t bother with any other spell when running dungeons.  I also run two shields with a priest so STR is also pointless on my priests.  Skills – 10 Points Awareness, 10 Points Tactics, Usually 4 points in Strategy; however, you can usually place them in whatever you want.
Date Posted: 13 June 2013, 01:29am
Re: New player tips and questions.
Items - you can upgrade them at blacksmiths making them awesome, however, wait until you find an indestructible item, that way the upgrade doesn't make them weaker
Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 17 June 2013, 21:00pm
Re: New player tips and questions.

Today I want to cover the different potions in the game.

1. Potion of Clarity – On use it will refresh all your priest or mage spells. Incredibly useful if you run out of healing spells or mage attack spells but you still have a good number of turns to use. I suggest keeping a couple on hand just in case.

2. Potion of Diffusion – Removes negative effects on one of your party members. Useful to remove anything thrown at you by a trap or mage; However, it does not remove silence.

3. Potion of Strength – Permanently increase your characters strength by 1. Very rare potion and the only way to increase characters strength after they hit level 25.  Run level 3 and 4 dungeons to find them.  Great for Warriors

4. Potion of Intelligence – Permanently increase your characters Intelligence by 1. Rare potion found in level 3 and 4 dungeons. Great for Mages

5. Potion of Agility – Permanently increase your characters Agility by 1. Rare potion found in level 3 and 4 dungeons. Great for Archers.

6. Potion of Divinity – Permanently increase your characters Divinity by 1. Rare potion found in level 3 and 4 dungeons. Great for Priests.

7.  Potion of Constitution - Permanently increase your characters Constitution by 1. Rare potion found in level 3 and 4 dungeons. Great for everyone especially Warriors.

8. Healing Potion – Heals a party member by a small amount – Good at low levels when your priests have limited healing spells. Its usefulness decreases at higher levels. Found in all parts of the world.
Poster: Alucard
Date Posted: 11 July 2013, 15:47pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Thanks for this.  Please, continue!

So Con really affects movement and carrying capacity ??

I assume a higher weapon/defense factor is better?

Can I rename new hires?
Poster: Kooho
Date Posted: 11 July 2013, 19:18pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Con affects health increases per level and movement, but i think carrying capacity is from str.

You can change the name of any character you have at any time and as many times as you want.

Just click the name of the character

and press change, a popup will then appear where you can change the name
Poster: Weebi
Date Posted: 11 July 2013, 20:26pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Con does increase the amount you carry by 10 per 1 point.
Poster: Kooho
Date Posted: 11 July 2013, 21:16pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Thanks for correcting
Poster: Twodt
Date Posted: 27 October 2015, 11:19am
Re: New player tips and questions.
Guys, does use a character with, for example, two swords? if yes, how does the damage works?
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 28 October 2015, 00:52am
Re: New player tips and questions.
You can't use two swords at once. You can use two shields though.
Poster: Sarthisingh16
Date Posted: 29 March 2016, 13:20pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
But, How to play this Game?. Where I can find the download link ??
Poster: Khronnkk-Gak!!
Date Posted: 29 March 2016, 18:48pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
The registry page is here:

And the log on page is here:

When you start, you can chose the stats for five level one characters, or get a team ready made. Dwarves seem to be the most robust, especially when you are choosing a first party.

Strength is the attack factor for Warriors. Agility makes getting hit less likely, and is also the attack factor for Archers. Constitution allows you to carry heavier loads, and also increases how much your HP rises with each level up. Intelligence increases spell-casting power for Mages, while Divinity increases the power of Priests. Higher levels of these allow spell-casters to memorize more spells with each level up.

Spell-casters are feeble at first, but essential. They die so easily. Advise keeping them alive by equipping them with two shields, and then leveling your party up killing vermin in the town sewers at first, followed by jewel quests. Skeletons and Orc Grunts are easiest to fight when you hit the wilderness.

At level 3 you can join a Kingdom and do quests. At level 17, you can capture or get elected to mayorship of a town. There are also dungeon quests given by towns. Look out for treasure chests, and treasure rooms. Sometimes there is a boss in the treasure room instead of treasure which drops good items. Look in the shops for enchanted items. Indestructible items can be enhanced without losing durability. Rings and amulets can enhance stats, or give turns. Stat potions give a permanent boost, so don't sell them. Potions of diffusion remove various curses, and potions of clarity allow a spell-caster to top up on spells.

Welcome, and enjoy!
Poster: Zacko
Date Posted: 29 March 2016, 21:50pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Hey all,
I am new here and have two questions:

1- What does the "Back Rank Penalty" on weapons mean and do ?
2- There is a brown bar between my party members which i can scroll up and down, what does this do ?

Thanks  :D .
Poster: Khronnkk-Gak!!
Date Posted: 30 March 2016, 05:30am
Re: New player tips and questions.
The brown bar divides your party into a front rank on top and back rank beneath. Characters in the back rank have better defense, but melée weapons suffer a drop in 'attack factor'. This is their back rank penalty. You can put archers and spell-casters safely in the back rank without loss, but warriors do the most damage from the front, which also makes them more vulnerable.
Poster: Zacko
Date Posted: 20 April 2016, 09:04am
Re: New player tips and questions.
Hi, its me again  :D

do i have to repair armors and weapons of garnisoned chars now and than  ?
does the metallurgy skill help anything in garnisons ?
the fletching skill doesnt seem to work or am i wrong ?

Thanks !
Poster: Khronnkk-Gak!!
Date Posted: 20 April 2016, 19:57pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Yes. Unless the equipment is Indestructible it will take some damage with every use until it needs to be repaired. The Metallurgy skill allows the character to repair damaged equipment at each change of day. The Fletching skill allows a character with a ranged weapon equipped to create some ammo at each change of day.
Poster: Zacko
Date Posted: 29 April 2016, 09:00am
Re: New player tips and questions.

what happens if all members of my active party get killed ?
there are several posts about this but what is up to date now, do i have to restart from the beginning than ?

What is the potion of diffusion for ? ???

What can i do when prosperity of my town is not growing ?

questions over questions in this great game  :D

thanks !
Poster: Khronnkk-Gak!!
Date Posted: 29 April 2016, 18:19pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
From changelog of version 0.8.3 of the game

"Parties wiped out during combat will no longer be deleted. Instead, the party will be returned to a nearby town, and may lose some characters permanently".

So you don't have to restart from the beginning.

The potion of diffusion is like the priest's cleanse spell. It removes magical status changes like 'hypnotise' or 'confuse'.

"What can i do when prosperity of my town is not growing ?"

I don't know. I used to believe that building towers near the town would do that. It seems to work in Cardolan. Killing monsters around the town seems to have a good effect, and destroying orbs. I'm just guessing.
Poster: Zacko
Date Posted: 29 April 2016, 22:19pm
Re: New player tips and questions.
Thanks for your fast answers Mr.Gak!!
all is comming a bit clearer now and it seems that the activ groups are growing a little the last days....
Poster: Kothyxaan
Date Posted: 29 November 2017, 08:51am
Re: New player tips and questions.
Couple Of Questions:

I read somewhere about a potion/scroll that will reset skills/stats, where do you find them (I think the Sage in town?) and what are they called (don't want to buy something and find its the wrong one, they eh.. cost a lot)?

I also read that the tactics skill was cumulative (as in there was a benefit for each character having it - I am guessing each character with the skill has a chance of blocking an enemies escape).
Does strategy work the same?
Does the skill stack with town/garrison defence (I am guessing in this case itd only be the mayor or highest skill person)?

Also quest items can appear in any chest in the dungeon they are meant to be in (it is a random chance each time a chest is opened - so you may not find it on the first sweep, but could on a second)?
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