Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 19 June 2013, 19:10pm
Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
I am enjoying the dungeon-crawling aspect of the game. Getting a "retrieve the artifact" quest, tromping out to the dungeon and clearing it out is a good time. Up until recently I've not had much trouble succeeding at getting the artifact and am curious as to exactly why I am having a hard time finding the artifact lately. This caused me to realize there were a lot of questions I didn't know the answers to that someone else might...

Secret Doors

My high divinity Priest has really good Awareness at the moment (8+), so...

1. Obviously secret doors are possibly the problem, that is, not having found them. Even though I carefully make sure I didn't overlook any obvious doors, secret doors are not so obvious. Awareness does seem to passively uncover some secret doors, but I am unsure of how and when. Does Awareness make a roll when you enter the dungeon, or when you enter a that particular floor? Does it only make a roll to reveal doors one time a day or every time you enter the dungeon/floor (that way you could conceivably make several rolls in one session by entering/leaving dungeons/floors)?

2. Surely it's not viable to manually Search every room you enter with Awareness is it? Does anyone do this? It seems to me you'd waste so many moves that it is silly to expect players to do that.

I don't really know a lot about dungeon mechanics...

3. Are dungeons instanced to the player? That is, if my artifact quest spawns the dungeon in question, is my party the only one who can enter/adventure in it? If not and other players can adventure in it, is it possible that they found my artifact and left my quest in a lurch, unable to complete?

4. I've noticed that when the day rolls over, the treasure chests seem to refill with more loot in areas you've already cleaned out (or maybe the old treasure chests are destroyed and new ones are generated entirely). Is it possible my artifact is in a treasure chest I've already looted in a previous day, meaning if I want to be thorough in finding the artifact, I have to retread through every previously explored room from days before, looting every chest I find just to be sure?

Thanks to anyone who answers or provides insight, it's very much appreciated!
Poster: Khronnkk-Gak!!
Date Posted: 20 June 2013, 01:15am
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
A dungeon is the same for every player. The locations of secret doors can change daily. The search spell is most useful when you already know there should be a door, but it has vanished for that day. Treasures are replenished daily and the quest artifact can often appear in a chest already opened on a previous day.

I don't know if you have encountered the treasure rooms yet - sometimes they have treasure chests full of gold, sometimes there is a boss party which packs a powerful fight, and drops a multiply enhanced treasure when defeated.
Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 20 June 2013, 04:26am
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
Yes, I've found them, and thank you for telling me some of those tips. More than likely the artifact is in a chest I've already uncovered. (groan)
Poster: Rathorn
Date Posted: 21 June 2013, 05:28am
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
Does anybody know what Disarm Trap relies on? My party is pretty well-rounded but pretty much fails at disarming any traps whatsoever almost all the time.
Poster: Mutant
Date Posted: 21 June 2013, 23:32pm
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
I'm going to look at changing how the artifact quests work so it's harder to get stuck on them.... when I get some time that is!
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 29 April 2015, 08:10am
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
Still feels like a needle in a haystack when looking for an artifact in a dungeon.
Poster: Cipheron
Date Posted: 29 April 2015, 12:07pm
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
Here's my requested change for the day: Have an "open chest" icon for chests which are empty. this would allow players to ascertain whether or not (1) someone else had raided that dungeon really recently and (2) narrow down chests you hadn't opened yet. This would be especially helpful in both artifact quests and those treasure rooms.


[quote author=Khronnkk-Gak!! link=topic=878.msg3125#msg3125 date=1371690935]
A dungeon is the same for every player. The locations of secret doors can change daily. The search spell is most useful when you already know there should be a door, but it has vanished for that day.[/quote]
If you can see a tile on the other side of a door that's vanished, you can just click on that tile, and it will path through a door even if you can't see it. Only fiddle with doors if you can't see the tile you're heading to.

Also, search seems to find doors in front of you, or 1 tile left and right along a wall. So you need to search every third tile at most along a wall where you suspect there might be a hidden tunnel.

Dungeons and chests aren't player-specific. But quests are. Once a player accepts a quest, that quest disappears from the quest offers for that town. I'm guessing that the artefact will appear in a random chest, and only the player with the matching quest will ever find it. I've only ever found artefacts for which I have an active quest.

[quote author=Falchion link=topic=878.msg3667#msg3667 date=1430295058]
Still feels like a needle in a haystack when looking for an artifact in a dungeon.
[/quote]It makes it necessary to strip mine all the chests in a dungeon as you go. One player in our country mentioned ignoring a chest near the entrance repeatedly and wondering where the artifact was. It was in that chest.
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 30 April 2015, 06:52am
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
Be also interesting to know that somebody else has discovered the dungeon in which you are in, if the chests are marked open.
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 30 April 2015, 19:49pm
Re: Advanced Dungeoneering Questions
But I guess you would know too if a number of chests were empty.