Poster: JamesOfJames
Date Posted: 09 December 2010, 08:45am
Silver Dale Community Association
Greetings, one and all -

It is my pleasure to announce the Silver Dale Community Association, a group of idealistic individuals dedicated to ushering in a new era in this kingdom so often benighted by conflict.  Here in the central town of Silver Dale, we have convinced the local government that their former business-as-usual policies were failing, and to try an experiment that might not simply better the town, but the world we all have to share.

In short, the mayor has agreed to reduce the sales tax to a measly 1% and the town's entry tariff to a mere 1 gold piece for any and every group of travelers passing through our gates.  This is to encourage adventurers and merchants to come to our town, hopefully making it a center of trade for all the most rare and sought-after goods.  While our town's amenities are currently few, we do have shops, full sage and healing services, and many would-be adventurers - mainly archers and mages - waiting for a group to sign on with!  If our town is currently unable to meet your needs, remember this is an experiment to see how high the spirit of cooperation can lift our poor town, and please consider our well-to-do friends in the nearby city of Aldercradle - there you'll find a very capable blacksmith and a wider range of shops to choose from.

We hope you'll consider stopping by our fair town sometime soon, and remember that only by helping one another can we make this world a better place to live.


Yep, I still have the odd urge to facilitate collaboration between we few players of this game, so I thought I'd claim a town as a free city and trading post.  The 1% tax and 10gp entry fee are simply to try and offset costs; I expect to take a loss on this town for the forseeable future.

The main reason I'm doing this is to provide a service - it's a pain to scour the map looking for the weapons or armor your party needs, and recently, I've been finding myself needing equipment a lot faster than I'm finding quality pieces.  I imagine many of you have found yourself in a similar situation at some point or another, so why not try something new and see if we can't get the good equipment we need into the hands of people who are looking for it?  If you see a good piece, but aren't willing/able to bring it, feel free to drop me a line and I'll periodically make rounds and collect gear to bring to market.

As I alluded to, there's not much in Silver Dale just yet, but I'd like that to see that change.  Right now, there's only one shop open, and it has a few pieces I sold earlier - a Flail with Lvl. 2 Fire damage, a Long Sword with Lvl. 2 Ice damage, a few other indestructible weapons, a spear with an 11-turn bonus, and a wooden shield with some light healing powers and 5 casts of Entangle per day.  I'll be leveling some new hires in Level 3 and 4 dungeons, and I'll be bringing my finds back to Silver Dale.  Hope some of you folks will consider doing the same!

(By the way - feel free to post items wanted/for sale below, and I'll work on making it happen.)
Poster: JamesOfJames
Date Posted: 18 December 2010, 07:42am
Re: Silver Dale Community Association
[center]Items for Sale
As of Day 838[/center]

All standard Ammunition, Armor, Head Gear, Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Shields (excepting Steel Helms, Full Plate, and Large Shields.)  Below are some highlights of the enchanted equipment available.

[center]Boastmund's Wares[/center]

    [li] Scale Mail - Indestructible [/li]
    [li] Chain Mail - +2 Turns/day [/li]
    [li] Scale Mail - +1 to Int [/li]
    [li] Scale Mail - Indestructible, +_Turns/day [/li]
    [li] Scale Mail - Lvl. 1 Haste 2/day, 50% Featherweight [/li]
    [li] Chain Mail - +3 to Div [/li]
    [li] Scale Mail - +3hp/day, Lvl. 3 Heal 0/day [/li]
    [li] Chain Mail - +1hp/day [/li] </ul>

    Head Gear
      [li] Leather Helmet - +3 to Div [/li]
      [li] Bronze Head Cap - +1 to Div [/li]
      [li] Bronze Head Cap - +1 Turn/day, +1 hp/day [/li]
      [li] Head Scarf - +1 to Div, +2 to Agl, +1 to Int [/li] </ul>

      Melee Weapons
        [li] Halberd - 30% Featherweight [/li]
        [li] Two-Handed Sword - Lvl. 5 Fire damage [/li]
        [li] Spear - 50% Featherweight, +2hps/day, +1 Turn/day [/li]
        [li] Short Sword - Lvl. 1 Ice damage, Indestructible, +5 Turns/day [/li]
        [li] Pike - +4 to Str [/li]
        [li] Dagger - +1 vs Humanoids, +1hp/day, +4 vs Demons [/li]
        [li] Spear - Lvl. 1 Fire damage [/li]
        [li] War Hammer - +1 Turn/day, +1 vs Lycanthropes, Indestructible [/li]
        [li] War Hammer - Lvl. 1 Shield 2/day [/li]
        [li] Hand Axe - Lvl. 1 Haste 1/day, +3 vs Beasts [/li]
        [li] Dagger - Lvl. 1 Shield 3/day, [/li]
        [li] Halberd - 20% Featherweight, +5hps/day [/li]
        [li] Halberd - +2 to Agl, +1 to Div, +2 hps/day [/li]
        [li] Bastard Sword - 40% Featherweight [/li]
        [li] Mace - +1 Turn/day [/li]
        [li] Long Sword - +2 to Agl [/li]
        [li] Spear - Indestructible [/li]
        [li] Dagger - Indestructible, +5 vs Humanoids, Lvl. 1 Fire damage [/li]
        [li] Spear - +1 to Int [/li]
        [li] Hand Axe - +1 to Int, +1hp/day [/li]
        [li] Quarterstaff - 10% Featherweight, Indestructible [/li]
        [li] Halberd - +1 to Int [/li]
        [li] Spear - Lvl. 1 Ice damage [/li]
        [li] Battle Axe - Lvl. 2 Fire damage, 50% Featherweight, +2 Turns/day [/li]
        [li] Mace - +7hps/day [/li]
        [li] Quarterstaff - Lvl. 1 Poison damage [/li]
        [li] Mace - +6hps/day, Lvl. 1 Portal 2/day [/li]
        [li] Two-Handed Sword - Lvl. 1 Ice damage, +1 to Div [/li]
        [li] Pike - +2 to Div, Indestructible [/li]
        [li] Mace - +4 Turns/day, +2 vs Lycanthropes [/li]
        [li] Halberd - +1 to Str [/li]</ul>

        Ranged Weapons
          [li] Sling - +5 to Str [/li]
          [li] Small Crossbow - 10% Featherweight [/li]
          [li] Short Bow - Indestructible [/li]
          [li] Small Crossbow - +3 vs Lycanthropes, Lvl. 1 Ice damage, Lvl. 4 Bless 1/day [/li]
          [li] Small Crossbow - +3 Turns/day, +2 to Agl, +1 to Div [/li]
          [li] Small Crossbow - +1 Turn/day, Indestructible [/li]
          [li] Short Bow - +1hp/day [/li]
          [li] Short Bow - +2 Turns/day [/li]
          [li] Short Bow - Lvl. 2 Ice damage, Indestructible [/li]
          [li] Sling - +2 Turns/day [/li]
          [li] Short Bow - 20% Featherweight, Lvl. 2 Ice damage [/li] </ul>

            [li] Large Steel Shield - +1hp/day [/li]
            [li] Small Steel Shield - +5hps/day [/li]
            [li] Small Steel Shield - Lvl. 5 Blades 6/day, +2 to Div, +1 to Str [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - 30% Featherweight [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - 50% Featherweight [/li]
            [li] Wooden Shield - 30% Featherweight, +2hps/day, Lvl. 1 Heal 3/day [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - +3 Turns/day, +2 to Con, 10% Featherweight [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - +2 to Int [/li]
            [li] Wooden Shield - +6hps/day, +5 to Agl [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - Lvl. 1 Weaken 1/day [/li]
            [li] Small Steel Shield - 10% Featherweight [/li]
            [li] Large Wooden Shield - +4 to Movement Factor [/li]
            [li] Wooden Shield - +3 to Movement Factor [/li] </ul>
            Poster: ShaneHeres
            Date Posted: 22 December 2010, 04:06am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            What is the location of Silver Dale? If there is anything I can do to help (:
            Poster: JamesOfJames
            Date Posted: 22 December 2010, 06:43am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            I think I remember Mutant frowning on giving away specifics about the game here openly, so I'll message you with the coords - more generally, I'll just say that it's very centrally located.
            Poster: ShaneHeres
            Date Posted: 24 December 2010, 02:15am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Ah okay. I died again yesterday, losing anything useful I could have contributed. But in a few weeks imma pack those shops.
            Poster: JamesOfJames
            Date Posted: 24 December 2010, 03:43am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Sorry to hear that - I'll try to find some cheap indestructible weaponry and drop it off to help speed your recovery.
            Poster: Argo Mamurus
            Date Posted: 27 December 2010, 15:38pm
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Its nice to after a short break from the game (and recent destruction of my party) to see that some players are at last coming together.

            And I for one would be happy to help Silver Dale, to build up co-operation between exsisting players of this game.
            Poster: JamesOfJames
            Date Posted: 29 December 2010, 05:17am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Sorry to hear about your party, but glad to have someone else helping out!  I just brought a big load to town today, and things are really starting to shape up!  Prosperity's up to 35; a new blacksmith just arrived, and there's two shops open in town now.
            Poster: SJD
            Date Posted: 10 January 2011, 22:49pm
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Seeing as the creeps are not at all organised or cohesive in their actions, and those actions are severely limited when compared to those of a player, don't you think everyone banding together in Happy Valley diminishes the options in terms of gameplay? ... or at least the tension?

            What happens when everybody has a zillion max level characters with all the best gear? I guess then it is time to quit?

            Just trying to figure out where you are going with this, as it seems to be removing the game from the game if you get my drift. This goes for freely passing all your information (which itself is a valuable commodity) on to all and sundry too.
            Poster: JamesOfJames
            Date Posted: 13 January 2011, 04:01am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            I hardly think that having one town where enchanted items pile up more than the rest of the map is going to lead to everyone having ridiculously overpowered parties with nothing to do.  I'm just giving people a backup plan if they're not having any luck finding good equipment on their own.

            Meanwhile, I thought I'd make an offer just to see if anyone's interested.  As of late, I've leveled dozens of characters up to level 20, and I've gotten pretty efficient at it - as you can see from the stats page, my average XP per turn is over 50.  Thus, I thought I'd offer to level up characters and return them to interested parties.  In short, contact me here by PM, tell me who you'd like me to level up and how you'd like me to develop their stats.  Bring them to Silver Dale and put them in the Recruitment Office with no equipment - I'll pick them up, level them up, and put them back in recruitment for you.

            The service will be free of charge, so you may wonder what my angle is here.  It's simple enough; I'm leveling characters faster than I'm finding good equipment for them - thus, while I look for more equipment, I'll be able to reuse a couple sets of a loaner equipment on these temporary party members.  As for the profit margin, buying characters, leveling them, and then selling them back is an established way to make a decent profit.  So, any takers?
            Poster: SJD
            Date Posted: 13 January 2011, 18:56pm
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            Hah, fair enough.
            Poster: SJD
            Date Posted: 14 January 2011, 03:49am
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            BTW, you know you can get as high an xp per turn rating as you want if you have enough cash - just buy every high level character you can find. Your total xp goes through the roof whilst not expending any turns. Voila.

            It isn't the most indicative of metrics ;]
            Poster: deityrox
            Date Posted: 13 June 2012, 18:44pm
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            I think that this topic is better suited for a category of Roleplay
            Poster: Mutant
            Date Posted: 13 June 2012, 21:05pm
            Re: Silver Dale Community Association
            It was probably created before the role play forum existed :)