Poster: Cipheron
Date Posted: 17 January 2015, 11:08am
Is CON / HP bugged?
I have two level 20~21 warriors, one has 45 CON, which I raised 2 points per level, the other has the starting 18 CON, and only raised STR. The HP total is 158 on the first and 142 on the 2nd one. This is so small as to be meaningless. The second warrior due to higher STR has 35 more attack factor than the first. The extra HP could even be just random fluctuactions, since I have a 35 CON character with 1 HP more than the 45 CON one.

Clearly, CON isn't having much impact on raising HP, certainly not worth the loss of power to the main stat for each class. I'm thinking if I make new characters I will max out Agility + their main stat rather than Con + their main stat. At least 18 agility will have a noticeable effect on defense.

I think this might be bugged out , or at the best, very unbalanced, since raising CON doesn't seem to much noticeable effect on HP. 10 extra CON should have some discernable game impact. When a 45 CON character only has 16 HP more than a starting 18 CON character, I feel ripped off, all those levels of raising CON for almost no effect!

Maybe max HP should be a calculated value instead of a random level raise value, first, this would retro-actively fix the issue for low programming costs, and it would put CON on the same level of AGI, where defence factor is recalcluated when AGI changes. It would also give a "second chance" to beef up a wimpy character by raising CON later, which would add new strategy options, and it would definitely make things more streamlined with character management.

Also, current HP should raise along with max HP (e.g. when level goes up), it's a bit strange that I need to cast healing on someone because they went up a level. It would be nice if +CON items had this effect too, e.g. put on a CON+5 ring and you get a small max and current HP boost, which you lose when you take the ring off (but never below 1 HP).
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 22 January 2015, 01:30am
Re: Is CON / HP bugged?
I agree, I have seen scenarios where a character with 18 or less con, gains more HP per level than one with 30+