Poster: ooli
Date Posted: 28 January 2015, 12:43pm
Would you enjoy ... (apropos reset)
Mutant has no time to code a system reset (like if a kingdom rule for 100 days the game reset)

But may be most of the player would enjoy a simple reset already.. or not. It's just to know how people feel.

Dammit, Just though of a new reset proposition: The 5 top winner (or 1% of the user base) get a unique Relic named after the name of kingdom winner (or the name of their party or whatever).
ie: The Shield of Sarebind (+10 def, +100 turn/day, +5 con, +5str, cast healing 10 time a day)

Dammit, I guess everyone would want to reset the game hard just to build a relic heavy party.
Poster: Zangi
Date Posted: 29 January 2015, 16:46pm
Re: Would you enjoy ... (apropos reset)
Players keep old gear, but do not have immediate access to it.  They must pay out gold at a 2x or 3x premium to buy em back for use.  Otherwise, everything else could be reset.

Either way, would be nice to see the map/towns reset.
Poster: Cipheron
Date Posted: 30 January 2015, 13:25pm
Re: Would you enjoy ... (apropos reset)
Grindy games and resets are not a good combination. A reset would see all veteran players give up. The game is already a bit empty, the reset wouldn't make it more attractive to new players, because the top players are not exerting monopoly force. I was able to get to 4th position on the leaderboard for "XP per turn" are a few weeks of playing, so it's not like the game has so many top active players that no-one can get high in the rankings.

The game style is to grind dungeons to get enough XP/resources to build garrisons and take over cities. The game needs to move into a new phase then. The problem is the micro-management requirements really escalate the more characters, garrisons and cities you control. So you go from grinding to micro-management. The problem is that the core game doesn't scale as well as it could. So you're left with the dungeon adventuring game engine as the basis of everything, which isn't greatly suited to the city/kingdom rulership setting, so becomes very unweildy once you go beyond 1-2 parties worth of characters, which is why very few players go in the direction of having over around 16 characters.

Rounds-based games need a much more streamlined style of play, and they're not well suited to RPGs where you have to spend a lot of time to gain levels. Also, the gold requirements to upgrade equipment get exorbitant. This is a real barrier for starting players, you could grind for hours and hours just to get enough gold to upgrade 1 piece of armor by 1 level. Do you really want to have to repeat that over and over?

[quote author=Zangi link=topic=993.msg3434#msg3434 date=1422550012]
Players keep old gear, but do not have immediate access to it.  They must pay out gold at a 2x or 3x premium to buy em back for use.  Otherwise, everything else could be reset.

Either way, would be nice to see the map/towns reset.

i'm not a huge fan of that "buy back gear" idea. That's just more grinding. Which doesn't sound like fun at all. I'd like to see a new map though, but one with more varied and realistic terrain areas. It feels like a pizza of random terrain types right now.

Now that I have high level characters, I find healing is becoming a major annoyance, to the point I want to quit playing. I have 1 big battle then up to several minutes manually clicking the spells or scrolls interface to do healing. This sucks! There needs to be an auto heal option which can do multiple scrolls/spells per click. you can do autocast it in battle, but there's no way to tell a priest "heal everyone now" afterwards. My connection to the server isn't very fast so 1 heal spell is sometimes 10-15 seconds. If I need 20+ castings, it's 5+ minutes of clicking and waiting. I've started reading mangas while waiting. This is not fun or acceptable. Don't ever reset until there is some form of quick cast healing between battles. The game needs a lot more streamlining of the micro-management parts before thinking about restarting. Anything that is a no-brainer like healing should be as automated as possible.

And make auto-cast smarter. It heals up people at the top of the character list who are barely hurt even when ones near the bottom are near death. The priests should always either heal those who are hurt and have the lowest total HP left, or those with the most damage. Right now, autocast is wasteful since it's more likely to heal up someone with 1hp damage, thus wasting the spell than someone with 50hp damage, who could really use the healing. I turn autocast off almost always since it sucks.
Poster: Falchion
Date Posted: 02 February 2015, 06:13am
Re: Would you enjoy ... (apropos reset)
Other new things could be more classes, a way to thieve off other parties, arena battles between parties, betting/gambling, pitch battles/ ways to impress the inhabitants of your kingdoms prestigue, terraforming landscape, eg roads etc. If anything like this was implemented I would be keen for a restart. I don't know about anyone else but I get dark areas on the map that I have to use refresh button to get through. Some basic errors slow the game, but the scope is endless, which is one of the better attributes this game has.